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COVID-19 legislative update

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Jonathan Traub discusses how Congressional leaders are viewing the impact of the CARES Act to date and how that may affect future COVID-19–related legislation. He also talks about the potential content and timing for additional legislation, what the sticking points might be, and key focus areas for taxpayers going forward.

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Tax podcast: COVID-19 legislative outlook

May 1, 2020

With the CARES Act already in full effect, eyes on Capitol Hill are starting to shift toward preparations for the next phase of the COVID-19 stimulus relief.

In this latest episode, Jonathan Traub from Deloitte Tax sheds some light on how our Congressional leaders are measuring the impact of the CARES Act and their plans for additional legislation, which may include more aid to businesses local and state governments.

We’re already seeing divide about what to do for a phase four bill. Congressional Democrats seem to be already drafting a large and robust stimulus package, while on the other hand, Senate Republicans are starting to say, 'wait a minute. Let’s see how it’s going before we spend more money.'

— Jonathan Traub

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