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Operations transformation for tax

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Deloitte’s Terri LaRae covers the challenges tax departments are facing, from growing regulatory demands, to a need for upgrading their data and technology, to budget constraints—and how these pressures have increased in the current environment. She offers tax leaders key insights on how to find efficiencies within their organizations, what’s needed to transform their tax operations, and where to start.

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Tax podcast: Operations transformation for tax

June 11, 2020

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, tax leaders were already facing numerous pressures, including budget and resource constraints, while figuring out how to invest in technology. The current climate hasn’t made it any easier.

In this latest episode, Deloitte Tax partner Terri LaRae offers key business insights on how tax leaders can tackle these challenges efficiently and transform their operations with a phased approach.

One size does not fit all. Tax leaders should really look to each of the tax responsibilities that they have and do an assessment of their maturity level, then develop a roadmap to identify which areas they need to transform for today's environment.

—Terri LaRae

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