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Tax Analysts: Paving the way for tax transparency

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From emerging issues in tax policy to new IRS rulings, Tax Analysts has been a fountain of tax news, information, and resources for the last 50 years. In this latest episode, Cara Griffith, CEO and president of the global online publisher, explains how we got here and what’s next in the fight for continued tax transparency.

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Tax Analysts: Paving the way for tax transparency

Today, access to the latest government tax rulings and memos is at the click of a mouse. Yet, that wasn’t always the case. In this latest episode, Deloitte Tax leader and host Carrie Falkenhayn joins Cara Griffith, the CEO and president of Tax Analysts, to discuss the historic ruling that brought forth one of the most salient online tax publications, Tax Notes, and how the organization continues to stay true to its mission: 

One of the biggest pivotal moments for us was when Tom Field, our founder, realized that we could utilize the Freedom of Information Act to obtain federal and state tax rulings and materials.

—Cara Griffith

Cara also touches on some of the organization’s transformative milestones over the years, including the launch of one of its newest features: a federal research library.

American Families Plan
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