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Proposed House COVID-19 legislation

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Jonathan Traub discusses the key tax features found in the House coronavirus relief package, including a proposed change to the net operating loss carryback provision in the CARES Act. He also discusses the Senate’s perspective on the bill, some of the important areas of controversy, and what might happen next on the COVID-19 legislative front.

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Tax podcast: The House coronavirus relief package

May 15, 2020

The House has passed a phase four coronavirus relief bill which contains several provisions that could affect corporate taxpayers.

On our latest podcast, Jonathan Traub discusses the content of the House bill, the Senate’s reception to the contents, and what might happen next on the COVID legislative front that could impact businesses.

“At this point, it's being given what I would say is a very frosty reception by the US Senate. I think there's a lot of concerns about the tax provisions, notably the unfavorable rule for companies under the carrybacks of NOLs.”

-Jonathan Traub

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