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Senate Republicans release Phase 4 COVID-19 proposal

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Deloitte’s Jon Traub takes a look at the Senate Republicans' recently released Phase 4 COVID relief legislation. He also discusses what House Democrats will be looking for during negotiations, and the chances of the parties going with a short-term package instead.

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Tax podcast: Senate Republicans unveil their Phase 4 coronavirus relief proposal

Senate Republican leadership has released the major parts of their Phase 4 relief and recovery package, but questions remain about how much support the proposal has among Republicans in Congress, as well as from the White House. With House Democrats having already passed their own Phase 4 bill in May, the negotiations now begin in earnest.

It seems to me like its in everybody's interest for different reasons to get a deal done here, but the contours of a deal that seem acceptable right now are hard to square, given the sharp lines in the sand being drawn by Democrats and Republicans on various issues.

– Jon Traub

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