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Shifting direction on tax policy

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How far will congressional Democrats pivot on their approach to raising revenue? Is it too late to pivot at all? In this latest episode, Deloitte Tax Policy leader Jon Traub shares insights on Senator Sinema’s stance on not raising corporate and individual tax rates and the many implications that may have on the ultimate tax policies that are passed.

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Tax podcast: Shifting direction on tax policy

Where are things headed with tax policy negotiations in Washington, DC? What are the implications for reconciliation and passage of the infrastructure bill? Host Carrie Falkenhayn is joined by Deloitte Tax Policy leader Jon Traub to discuss Senator Sinema’s position on raising revenues and how untested concepts such as a book tax and a mark-to-market regime may come into play.

If the president leaves for Scotland and does not have passage of the infrastructure bill, that will tell you that there’s a number of democrats who, behind the scenes, have expressed concerns about the direction that negotiations have taken.

– Jon Traub

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