Tax lessons in philanthropy


Tax lessons in philanthropy

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COVID-19 has left no corner of our society unturned, and that includes the philanthropic community. In this latest episode, we join Jane Searing, leader in Deloitte’s Global Center for Excellence in Philanthropy, as she delves into the world of giving back to discuss the latest business trends coming out of this space.

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Tax podcast: Tax lessons in philanthropy

February 8, 2021

While public charity is not new on the world stage, the onset of the pandemic has driven the desire to give, and to give even more than before. To maximize their philanthropic impact, though, charitable entities need to rely on proper tax-planning strategies.

In this latest episode, we caught up with Jane Searing, leader in Deloitte’s Global Center for Excellence in Philanthropy, to discuss the trends occurring in charitable giving and what’s driving those trends. This includes the tax treatment of traditional philanthropic entities like private foundations and public charities, and newer ones that step outside the tax-exempt box:

One of the newer trends we’re seeing is individuals who don’t want to go the tax-exempt route, and they’ll actually create some sort of pass-through entity or low-profit liability company that’s completely private.

—Jane Searing

And if you’re starting, or looking to start, your philanthropic journey, Jane also draws a list of questions you need to start asking yourself to be successful.

Tax lessons in philanthropy
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