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Tax technology and the future of remote work

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Whether your organization is thinking of going completely virtual or taking a hybrid work model approach, all signs seem to point to one thing: remote work is here to stay. In this latest episode, Deloitte Tax specialists Lorraine Cohen and Joel Eisenreich join host Carrie Falkenhayn to discuss how corporate executives and tax leaders need to focus on proper tax reporting for the long term, rethink their strategies around managing remote work, and what tech-enabled solutions can help get them there.

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Tax Podcast: Tax technology and the future of remote work

How do I approve remote work requests? How do I ensure proper tax withholding and reporting? What if my company has no corporate or tax presence? In this latest episode, Lorraine Cohen and Joel Eisenreich, specialists in remote work, address these and other questions that are top-of-mind for tax leaders who are looking to incorporate remote and hybrid work in their day-to-day operations long term, as well as enable technologies that will support their hybrid work policies and procedures:

There are new processes and technologies that automate the remote work decision-making process. For example, we have a tool where employees can go in, make a request, and it provides a risk rating and can give the company guidance according to their policies, laws, and regulations.

—Lorraine Cohen

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