Tax Services for the Process and Industrial Products Industry

​ In our work with leading process and industrial products companies, our clients consistently mention a number of major considerations that impact their businesses today from a tax perspective. Among the most notable are: Navigating the challenges of tax reform; Addressing global growth in the new regulatory environment; And, Managing cash flow and costs. These issues have both tax compliance and planning implications that cannot be ignored. Although addressing them all can be a tough balancing act, doing so may unlock hidden value for your organization. Deloitte can help.

Tax reform challenges

The call for tax reform is heating up in Washington again, and countries around the world are responding to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's guidance for limiting base erosion and profit shifting. Our Washington National Tax group and other tax and industry specialists can help keep you up to date on evolving tax landscape in the U.S. and abroad. We provide: Consultation for your executives, analyzing your tax planning activities for potential impact due to regulatory changes; Helping you understand the implications of OECD's guidance on BEPS; Transfer pricing services in response to rapidly expanding transfer pricing laws and enforcement actions globally; And, Advice for tax controversy management and consultation during tax examinations.

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Global growth in new regulatory tax environment

Virtually every decision associated with a company's global expansion has tax considerations and can benefit from a clear view into the potential tax opportunities and risks it creates. Deloitte can help you evaluate and implement: A tax-efficient supply chain. Our Global Enterprise Methods and Systems specialists can help your business remap transaction flows to evaluate whether income can be prevented from being realized unnecessarily in high-tax jurisdictions; Global and mobile workforces – we advise on tax issues associated with recruiting, retention, and development of talent in countries around the world; Tax implications of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures; And; Tax implications associated with e-commerce.

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Tax implications of cash flows and costs

As process and industrial products companies balance competing demands for business growth and cost reductions, the pressure on cash flow continues unrelentingly. In this context, Deloitte can provide your business with a clear perspective of possible cash-flow and cost management opportunities through:  Research tax credits and incentives; Global employment credits, and movement of cash across your business to support cash-flow needs; And, Tax efficient opportunities for manufacturing and services, including offshoring, near-shoring, and reshoring, depending on many factors, including the needs of your business.

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Meet the leader

John Berninger

John Berninger

US Tax Industrial Products & Services Leader

John is the Industrial Products & Services leader for Deloitte Tax LLP. With more than 25 years of public accounting experience, he serves strategic multinational clients in the manufacturing industry... More