Re-evaluating your global business services model

Some (re-)assembly required

With the promise of new analytics capabilities, the cost benefit of the cloud, and the complexity of more mature business models, many companies are waking up to realize that operational choices that once made sense may now seem obsolete. In order to optimize the value of technological innovation and advancement, executives may want to consider a strategy shift to an integrated global business services operating model.​

Why take a hard look at your global business services model?

Business decisions do not occur in isolation; and, with today’s technological advancements, business services systems and solutions don’t necessarily depend on local applications, local processing power, or local storage anymore. Location simply doesn’t matter as much as it used to from a cost-benefit perspective. With this in mind, many companies are realizing that operational choices that once made sense may now seem obsolete, and they are rethinking their outsourcing and offshoring strategies. A more integrated approach to your company’s business processes may unlock significant value. Now is the time to evaluate whether your company should consider an operational shift in its global business services architecture.​

Some (re-)assembly required

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