Tech for good: Sustainable technology and society

Developing smarter products and services to better meet ESG targets

What role can technology play in helping society solve the world’s most pressing challenges? In this episode, User Friendly podcast host Hanish Patel chats with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Monica Batchelder and Deloitte UK’s Rafi Addlestone to explore how digital solutions and sustainable technologies can help organizations move the needle on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals—and create growth opportunities for technology companies along the way.

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Whether it’s about focus on the public sector and around health and education, whether it’s around a focus on disadvantaged parts of a country or disadvantaged individuals in society, how companies can be conscientious and conscious in directing their products and services to those needy groups is something that is increasingly a theme that we are being asked to think about.

—Rafi Addlestone, global TMT ESG leader, Deloitte UK

Sustainability is increasingly top of mind for many organizations. But for technology, media, and telecommunications companies, there’s an added responsibility to develop products that will support decarbonization and help corporations achieve their ESG goals. Sustainable technologies and innovations could also be the key to unlocking new pathways of growth. In fact, it’s estimated that about half of the carbon reductions that the world needs today may come from technologies that haven’t even reached the market yet. By working together across industries and sharing data, insights, and strategies, organizations have the potential to develop technology for good.

I think it all boils down to understanding where new value exists from sustainable markets, which business models will capture that value. And then which digital and data-driven technologies we need to enable it.

—Monica Batchelder, chief sustainability officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, Monica Batchelder, chief sustainability officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Rafi Addlestone, global TMT ESG leader at Deloitte UK, join host Hanish Patel to discuss the impact of technology in society and how it can help accelerate change—whether connecting ecosystems and enabling digitization or reducing e-waste and providing more transparency through tracking and automation. Together, they examine how companies can play a variety of roles to accelerate progress on equity, health, and education, and better support ESG initiatives overall.

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