Managed risk for energy-intensive industries

Mitigating risk, protecting goals

Many executives often find it challenging to assess how hedge practices might impact key financial goals—margins, customer pricing or investor return. By deploying market-based simulations over a range of hedge strategies and potential market outcomes, companies in energy-intensive industries can test portfolio tradeoffs and tailor their overall risk exposures to meet financial goals.

Managed risk services for energy

Deloitte’s new perspective for energy-intensive industries provides a framework to mitigate commodity risk exposure and meet corporate objectives. Our managed risk solution provides companies in the energy and resources sectors with a structured approach for addressing two fundamental issues associated with hedge programs and their interdependence: understanding the risk to financial goals that volatile commodities cause, and adopting a lucid hedge structure to protect the goals. Deloitte’s managed risk solution also incorporates regulatory and compliance requirements, as well as the complexities and nuances of financial reporting for the energy industry.


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Rein in risk, reduce surprises

Managed risk services for energy and resources companies. Introducing a new perspective for energy-intensive industries: a structured framework to help mitigate commodity risk exposure and meet corporate objectives.


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Managed risk DASH series

Reining in risk and reducing surprise: what does an effective hedge program look like?  Learn how a structured framework to mitigate commodity risk exposure can help you attain key corporate objectives and have a more effective hedge program.


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Benefits of a managed risk approach

Learn how using quantitative risk assessments can help organizations strengthen their hedging programs to be more closely aligned with overall company goals and strategy, rather than being reactive to market (or impending weather) events. Read “How a managed risk approach can benefit energy sector hedging” in the Deloitte-sponsored module of The Wall Street Journal’s Risk & Compliance Journal.


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