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Innovation isn’t just about technology

Or even inventing new things. It’s also about ingenuity—taking a fresh look at existing assets and know-how and combining them in new ways to maximize their value. This ingenious approach to innovation calls for organizations to encourage curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Deloitte can help you see new ways to think about your business.

Check out some of Deloitte’s top 2019 features on Dallas Innovates. How are you staying apprised of these topics driving innovation in North Texas?

Family Business and Opportunity

Global issues and trends


Deloitte is helping many companies achieve their goals related to blockchain implementation. Our ecosystem for education, ideation, strategy, prototyping, and development helps clients harness the opportunities and capabilities that blockchain technology has to offer.

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Inclusive smart cities

As inclusion becomes integral to urban centers, how can it be extended to smart city programs? Explore the relationship between technological innovation and inclusion in today’s cities.

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Tax modernization

Digital transformation is here, and it’s affecting tax departments. Today, people are working with machines to harness data, automate execution of rote tasks, comply in real time, and free themselves up to add greater value within their companies. That not only transforms how work gets done, but also transforms the talent needed to do it.

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