Contract digitization through Contract Intelligence adoption and operation

The strategic alliance between Deloitte and Icertis, a leading provider of contract life cycle management (CLM) software-as-a-service solutions, enables new AI-powered possibilities throughout the CLM life cycle—driving strategic value for our clients.

CLM has become a major part of the legal business services marketplace, as companies have realized the need for a technology-enabled solution to generate value through the contract life cycle. Additionally, recent factors such as supply chain disruption, political instability, and economic uncertainty have only accelerated the need for CLM services and solutions.

Through this alliance, clients gain access to Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI)—an AI-powered CLM platform designed as the digital, enterprise-wide, intelligent system of record for contracts and contract data, whether corporate, buy-side, or sell-side. Icertis’ technology, paired with our state-of-the-art technology and broad suite of services, means new opportunities to transform clients’ contracting processes for high-quality speed, efficiency, and value—enabling organizations to modernize their legal systems into structured, connected, on-demand data.

Rapidly transform your contracting processes into a strategic value driver

Future of Work: Ways of working in uncertain times


  • Technology investment is on the rise
  • Key challenges with data and data flow
  • Attention is shifting to post-award
  • Increased digitization of contracting


  • Efficiency is a priority
  • Companies can improve speed to execution and free up in-house attorneys’ time to work on more strategic issues by the removal of bottlenecks
  • 77% of the organizations undertaking reevaluation identified process streamlining as a priority1


  • Growing adoption of technology is creating new and more fulfilling roles
  • In organizations where buy-side and sell-side resources are integrated
  • 45% of teams are increasing headcount, and 8% are reducing headcount1



SAP Ariba and Icertis are helping companies looking to make their contracting processes an integral part of their source-to-pay cycle. As companies deal with rapidly changing environments around regulations, supply chain, and the speed of business, bringing a sustainable program that integrates these two leading tools is critical.

Through its strategic alliances with both SAP Ariba and Icertis, Deloitte’s market-leading experience can help organizations implement any size program through technology accelerators, refined and industry-specific contracting processes, and a global scale of resources.

Transforming the contracting function requires proper investment not only in technology, but also in people, process, and content. Deloitte is well positioned to help bring your organization to the future of contract management.

1 Deloitte and World Commerce & Contracting, When technology meets humanity: The future of contract management, February 2021.

Deloitte + Icertis + SAP Ariba

Clients across the globe and industries have entrusted Deloitte to provide a broad range of technology-enabled contracting and sourcing processes.

By integrating contract management with enterprise services such as sales, legal, procurement, and HR, organizations can overcome a lot of the common challenges. The resulting insights provide greater flexibility, connectivity, compliance, and intelligence.

Deloitte, Icertis and SAP Ariba do just that. Through their integration, Icertis and SAP Ariba are combining a broad contract management tool within a nimble source to pay solution. Our management of the implementation of the Icertis and SAP Ariba process increases efficiency, consistency, and transparency, as well as reducing costs and risk, improving the third-party management and oversight of the CLM process.

Imagine being able to:

  • Easily create rule-driven, personalized contracts that follow corporate policies and have in-tool guides and prompts for self-service and learning.
  • Flag discrepancies between the signed contract and the work being done/billed with AI-enabled obligation management.
  • Create advanced, enterprise-grade contracts that span across your procurement and sales organizations.

Across industries, our clients, many of whom require third-party CLM process management, are enhancing their contractual compliance through an end-to-end integrated and automated sourcing-contracting-procurement process. With Icertis and SAP Ariba, we have brought these integrated data flow mechanics and automated capabilities to our clients in a three-step process:

  • STEP ONE Leveraging master data in SAP Ariba, sourcing event details are sent from SAP Ariba to Icertis to create contract.
  • STEP TWO Icertis assembles the data based on templates or ingests information into a third-party paper. Contracts are negotiated, accepted, and executed on Icertis. The contract details are pushed back into SAP Ariba contract workspace.
  • STEP THREE SAP Ariba helps enforce contract line items and terms such as pricing, rebates, etc. It also shares purchase order, contract, and transaction data information with Icertis for contractual compliance and data integrity.

Why Deloitte + Icertis + SAP Ariba?


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