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US Chinese Services Group

Making a difference in US-China business

​The Deloitte Chinese Services Group (CSG) provides support for companies engaged in cross-border investments and business between China and the US. If you are contemplating market entry, considering an M&A transaction, or seeking to optimize existing operations, we can help you implement appropriate strategies and navigate associated risks. As a national network of bilingual professionals working closely with our DTTL member firm colleagues in China and worldwide, we deliver seamless service to global clients.

Chinese investment in the US

Home to some of the world’s most sophisticated markets, the US is an increasingly attractive destination for Chinese investors. Deloitte’s US Chinese Services Group has extensive experience working with Chinese executives to help them identify emerging opportunities and execute effective market entry strategies. The Chinese Services Group also brings together multi-disciplinary teams on both sides of the Pacific to help Chinese companies derive lasting value from these cross-border activities and position themselves for global success in their industries.
Our multi-disciplinary service lines for Chinese investors into the US include:

  • Investment opportunity and risk assessment services
  • M&A transactions services, including target identification, transaction evaluation and transaction execution support
  • Cross-border tax and business structuring services


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US investment into China

As China evolves to its next stage of development, becoming more integrated than ever within the global economy, its importance to US companies has also increased. Yet China remains a very complex place to do cross-border business. The Chinese Services Group can coordinate diverse talent and resources to help clients navigate the cultural and business landscape to pursue emerging opportunities and manage associated risks.

Our multi-disciplinary service lines for US investors into China include:

  • China M&A: target identification, broad due diligence, post-merger integration
  • China Tax: broad range of fully integrated tax services for effective tax planning
  • Global Business Services: corporate finance, risk management, business structuring & optimization


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Joe Guastella

Joe Guastella

Chinese Services Group National Leader

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George Warnock

George Warnock

Managing Partner | JSG & CSG, Americas

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Lili Zheng

Lili Zheng

Partner | Deloitte Tax LLP

Lili is a senior US International Tax partner with substantial experience in cross-border tax planning. Currently serving as the deputy managing partner of the US Chinese Services Group, she is respon... More

Vivien Wang

Vivien Wang

Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

Vivien has more than 18 years of public accounting and international tax experiences, providing tax consulting, compliance, and tax accounting assurance services to various high-tech and venture capit... More