Navigating fresh food inflation: how health and wellness can counter rising prices

The benefits of connecting consumers to fresh foods

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How healthy food benefits can withstand inflation for consumers

With food inflation top of mind, consumers are being forced to reevaluate how they spend at the grocery store. But they’re also making sure their health and wellness goals aren’t affected in the process. This presents a unique opportunity for the food industry to help them counter the effects of inflation with food education. Specifically, education on how fresh food might be used as medicine.

In this Consumer Speaks podcast, host Sam Loughry is joined by guests Jim Mills, National Agribusiness Audit leader and Audit & Assurance partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP; Alejandro Mendez, California Agribusiness co-leader and Audit & Assurance managing director at Deloitte & Touche LLP; and Justin Cook, US Consumer Products research leader at Deloitte Services LP, to explore inflation’s effect on food, how consumers are reacting, and the role that fresh foods can play in how they respond to rising prices.

Companies that can help consumers close the information gap between fresh food and its health outcomes have an opportunity to win over consumers and compete on aspects other than price.

 Alejandro Mendez, California Agribusiness co-leader and Audit & Assurance managing director

Fresh food as medicine for the heartburn of high prices

With inflation top of mind, it’s difficult for consumers to look beyond price. However, fresh food producers and retailers may find an advantage in connecting consumers to healthy choices.

Fresh Food: Can wellness weather inflation?

Watch our on-demand webcast for insights from Deloitte’s annual Future of Fresh food survey, exploring new inflation-driven shopping behaviors and the continued resilience of health and wellness.

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