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The role of the CEO exists at the intersection of the external environment and the internal organization. In today's disruptive marketplace, many CEOs have learned that they can no longer shield their organizations from ambiguity. Rather, there is an imperative to embrace ambiguity as a means to survival and growth while articulating—and communicating—a clear vision to mobilize and unify the organization.

CEO Program overview

The Deloitte Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Program is dedicated to the success of CEOs and the companies they lead. We offer innovative insight and immersive experiences to help:

  • architect the personal success of individual CEOs throughout their tenure
  • elevate relationships between CEOs and their leadership teams—executive and board
  • support the strategic CEO agenda for organizations in times of disruption and transformation

The Un-disruptable CEO

A new study of 24 CEOs reveals intimate insights on what it will take to meet the challenges of today’s relentless market pressures, and suggests five CEO leadership characteristics that cultivate resilience to disruption. 

CEO Program offerings

highway at night

Transition lab

1-2 day experience designed to help enable a CEO, chief operating officer, or business unit head thrives in his or her new role, define a CEO agenda, and plan for success in the first 360 days

CEO Next lab

Custom 1–2 day CEO transformation experience for seasoned CEOs focused on creating a personal strategy for success during a time of significant shift, change, or redirection in a CEO’s circumstances, personal or organizational

Digital transformation lab

Custom 1–2 day experience focused on defining a CEO agenda and ambition for digital transformation

Executive team lab

1–2 day experience customized for the CEO and the full executive team to share the CEO agenda and engage the team around expansion of the shared vision, alignment, and strategic implementation

Board effectiveness lab

1-day experience designed to strengthen the relationship between the CEO and the board of directors, align around the CEO agenda, and set the stage for high performance

Leadership development

Individual assessment and executive coaching to support CEO strategies

Board placement

Facilitating connections between CEOs, CEO succession candidates, and open board positions. Offered in concert with the Deloitte Center for Board Effectiveness

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CEO Program

CEO insights

CEO Program research briefs
We believe that the more people learn about the factors influencing their strategic leadership and decision-making, the more likely they are to develop stronger and better-balanced teams and lead their organizations to excel in the marketplace.

Dynamic strategic implementation
A dynamic approach to implementation can help leaders sidestep insidious failures in execution that can doom even the most well-thought-out strategy.

Leadership transitions: Making the leap from CFO to CEO
Learn how CFOs who become CEOs—and land squarely on two feet—plan their development, overcome inherent challenges, and go on to successfully lead complex organizations.

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Vincent Firth

Vincent Firth

Managing Director | Monitor Deloitte & CEO Program

Vincent is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP in the US Strategy service line, Monitor Deloitte. As leader of Deloitte’s CEO Program, Vincent supports the success of CEOs throughout thei... More

Benjamin Finzi

Benjamin Finzi

Managing Director | CEO Program

Benjamin Finzi, a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, leads Deloitte’s CEO Program. The founder and former leader of Deloitte’s New York Greenhouse, he has designed and facilitated hundred... More