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Chief Information Officer (CIO) Labs

Transform and advance the role of the CIO

Whether you’re brand new to your role or a seasoned professional, Deloitte’s CIO Labs are designed to help CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, IT executives, and their teams connect and achieve breakthroughs.

Helping IT leaders stay ahead of growing demands

In today’s high-demand, high-risk, and cost-restrictive environment, with competing priorities and constant technological evolution, the role of the chief information officer (CIO), chief technology officer (CTO), chief digital officer (CDO) and IT executive has expanded and become more complex. CIOs across the globe are being called upon to carry out expanded leadership roles—capturing the full value of IT-driven business models and leading transformational change within their own organizations. Given these demands, it’s not surprising that turnover of leaders in the CIO role is occurring at an unprecedented rate.

The CIO Program brings together a multidisciplinary team of Deloitte leaders and experienced professionals to help CIOs and IT leadership get ahead—and stay ahead—in the face of growing challenges and demands. Whether you’re new or seasoned in the CIO role, have recently reconstituted your IT leadership team, or simply need to pivot to meet evolving business demands, the CIO Program can help you accelerate toward execution.

The CIO Transition Lab

An immersive experience to map the next six months of your journey

Deloitte’s Executive Transition Program conducted research with more than 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies. We created a custom lab experience from more than 8,000+ executive labs to uncover hidden insights about why transitions succeed—and why they frequently fail.

The CIO Transition Lab is a one-day experience in our immersive lab environment to help prepare you for this new step in your career. The Lab agenda is designed to help CIOs hit the ground running and develop a plan for success. Topics include managing your time, assessing talent, and enhancing relationships.

The CIO Transition Lab will result in a 180-day action plan with specific, achievable milestones, culminating in a plan to:

  • Define and communicate your priorities
  • Assess and develop a talent strategy
  • Understand and influence key stakeholders

CIO Insider: A road map for transitioning to the CIO role

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The CIO Team Lab

Create a high-powered team, unified to deliver transformational change

For technology leaders to deliver transformational change within their own organizations, the IT leadership team should be strategically aligned. Whether these changes are driven by a new business model or strategy, merger or acquisition, technology transformation, or other event, the CIO Team Lab can help you unite around a strategy or set of priorities most important to IT and the business.

Ranging from one to two days, our custom CIO Team Labs take place in an immersive lab environment. We help technology leaders overcome barriers and commit to a course of action. Topics include level-setting IT leadership expectations, examining the team’s unique composition and personalities, identifying and aligning on key priorities and critical success factors, and developing a high-level action plan and committing to it.

Unite around a strategy or set of priorities most important to IT and the business:

  • Understand and internalize perspectives from the business and stakeholders
  • Define a set of priorities and unify around actionable initiatives
  • Collectively articulate a short summary, value, and brand, anchored around key strategic priorities
  • Create a more cohesive, effective, and inspiring your team

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Lou DiLorenzo Jr.

Lou DiLorenzo Jr.

Principal | AI & Data Strategy Practice Leader | National US CIO Program Leader | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Lou DiLorenzo Jr. leads Monitor Deloitte’s US AI & Data Strategy practice, is the National Leader for Deloitte’s US CIO Program and leads Deloitte Consulting’s US Generative AI Advisory practice and t... More

Anjali Shaikh

Anjali Shaikh

Managing Director | US CIO Program Experience Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Anjali Shaikh is the experience director for Deloitte's technology executive programs, serving as an advisor to CIOs, CDAOs, and other tech leaders and providing strategic direction for program develo... More

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