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You are at a moment that matters. Learn more on how Deloitte’s Transition Labs can help you use an integrated approach to expedite your impact and ultimately accelerate your career.

What are Transition Labs?

Transition Labs support marketing, customer, and sales executives to thrive and accelerate in times of change are designed for executives in the first six - nine months of stepping into a new role. Transition Labs are single day sessions that help marketing and customer executives craft their legacies and define their plans by deconstructing challenges, examining an executive’s evolving role, and exploring strategic solutions—all culminating in the creation of a custom roadmap that identifies priorities and specific actions for talent and stakeholder execution.

A moment that matters

The world you’re operating in is changing. There is mounting pressure on marketing, customer, and sales executives to grow market share, build customer loyalty, and support the overall health of the business.

An opportunity to accelerate

As a marketing, customer, or sales executive, how do you respond in the face of any major challenge? You plan. You prepare. You get creative.

At Deloitte, our mission is to help executives thrive and accelerate in times of change. So we’ve designed an experience that brings together what might take months of planning and research into one intense, productive, and confidential day.

The Transition Lab prepares you for the full range of roles you’ll need to play.

An integrated approach

You have plenty of people working on discrete aspects of your business. Unlocking your growth ambitions can require an integrated plan that touches all aspects of the organization. When it comes to rallying the organization around the customer, you should know how decisions in one area will affect outcomes in another—and how other leaders will likely respond.

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Jennifer Veenstra

Jennifer Veenstra

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Jennifer Veenstra is the managing director of Deloitte’s Global CMO Program. She focuses on CMO leadership, especially around the client experience, driving strategy, and digital transformation. She w... More

Stacy Kemp

Stacy Kemp

Principal | Marketing & Customer Strategy

Stacy is a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP who creates significant business value through innovation, strategic customer experience/operations transformation, exceptional people development, and ... More