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Deloitte acquires Gryphon Scientific

Explore how we’ve strengthened our security, science, and health capabilities at Deloitte

In late April 2024, Deloitte acquired substantially all the assets of Gryphon Scientific, LLC (Gryphon), a leader in biosafety, biosecurity, and all-hazards preparedness and response, with market-leading experience in using AI to enhance security and safety.


Deloitte is enhancing its competitive edge by acquiring Gryphon, a team of diverse professionals skilled in data science, scientific communications, modeling, and risk assessment.

Since 2005, Gryphon has been creating innovative, evidence-based solutions for complex global issues, particularly in health, safety, and security. As an example of their impactful work, Gryphon supported senior decision makers in evaluating emerging technologies and understanding how to enable the rapid development of these critical tools, while also safeguarding against their associated risks. Gryphon pioneered AI safety, charting how AI can change the risk landscape of biological and chemical threats. They’ve guided decision-makers in adopting emerging technologies and understanding their risks and have helped shape AI safety. Gryphon and Deloitte will work together to develop practical AI applications in health, foster collaboration, and identify and manage risks to produce reliable AI solutions.

Gryphon’s technical experts will advance Deloitte’s capabilities in life science and public health preparedness and response, catalyzing the growth of Deloitte’s research, biosecurity, laboratory safety, and emergency preparedness and response capabilities. They’ll assist clients in preparing for biological emergencies, enhancing global health and safety. Combining Gryphon’s experience with Deloitte’s strategy expertise and AI specialists will foster collaboration and innovation in AI solutions to address biothreats worldwide.

What we do

We focus on applying scientific understanding and analytical skills toward solving complex problems affecting health, safety, and security.


All-Hazards Preparedness and Response & CBRN Defense

Prepare for, detect, respond to, and recover from:

  • CBRN incidents
  • Accidental and natural outbreaks of infectious diseases
  • Natural disasters

Biosafety, Biosecurity, & Emerging Technologies

Reduce risks associated with:

  • Laboratory work on infectious agents
  • Applications of biotechnology and emerging technologies
  • Strategic competition in life sciences

Data Management & Communications

Communicate complex scientific, technical, and policy data for action with:

  • Data collection, curation, and dissemination
  • Stakeholder engagement, facilitation, and science outreach
  • Thoughtfully designed analytics and data visualization solutions




Data Science Commercialization

Tackle complex health, safety, and security challenges with:

  • Cutting-edge techniques in machine learning and AI
  • Statistical analysis
  • Bioinformatics and cheminformatics

International Engagement

Enhance global health and security through:

  • Innovative solutions and biothreat preparedness
  • Training, support, and policy development
  • Government engagements, research, NGOs, and private-sector partners





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Our work as Gryphon Scientific

Our researchers use rigorous scientific analyses to address problems of global health, safety, and security. We apply our scientific expertise to some of the most critical issues in life sciences facing the nation today. As part of Deloitte, our work in these areas will continue. Here’s a selection of what we did as Gryphon Scientific:

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