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Ecosystems and exponentials consulting

Helping companies understand, embrace, and harness disruptive change

​We live in an era of unprecedented change, driven by rapid and exponential evolution of disruptive technology and game-changing ideas. These disruptors are not decades from reality, many have already realized mainstream adoption across multiple industries (e.g., 3D printing), while others aren't far away (e.g., nanotechnology, driverless cars). While individual technologies and organizational enablers have the power to disrupt existing business models or even entire industries, their real power emerges when they converge. Deloitte has taken a sophisticated approach to this environment, and we are tailored to help companies navigate this landscape.

A diverse set of exponential technologies and organizational enablers are converging and disrupting the “old” way of doing business

How we help clients leverage disruptive technologies

Our goal is to help our clients evaluate, develop, and implement their transformation agendas. We can lead clients on an exponential journey:​


Our portfolio of continuously evolving exponential-based offerings and solutions help clients leverage disruptive technologies to address their most important business issues and turbo-power their strategies:

  • Custom session: Helps clients understand the impact of exponentials on their business, and if defined, particular business issues and priorities. Sessions can take place at a Deloitte Greenhouse® space, at an ecosystem partner site, or at a client site.
  • Exponential assessment: Helps clients understand the key challenges facing their organization, assess how exponential technologies can be leveraged to address these challenges, and provide actionable next steps that can be used to bring innovative solutions to their business.
  • BlackOps assessment: Provides clients with perspectives, not recommendations or predictions, on how and where their business may be disrupted.
  • Ecosystem strategy: Helps clients identify, classify, prioritize potential ecosystem partners, and think through an engagement strategy.
  • Deloitte PixelTMHelps our clients leverage the benefits of crowdsourcing. Deloitte Pixel understands the client issue, decomposes it into its elements, and works with the right crowd vendor to execute the requirement and deliver a smooth experience.
  • Bridge by Deloitte: Provides clients with a marketplace-curated ecosystem of vetted innovators to help them identify new solutions to their most pressing business issues. With Bridge, a subscription-based digital platform, enterprises can connect directly with startups, monitor the innovation landscape, and foster new ideas together.


Alliances and programs: Gaining insights, building the future

​We’re also embracing the power of ecosystems, and have forged alliances with some of the leading players in exponential technologies and innovative business models, which in turn gives our clients access to market leaders with new game-changing knowledge, technologies, and methodologies. From technology vendors to academic centers, venture capital firms to accelerators, these alliances enable us to help clients gain an exponential mindset to move from simply understanding exponential technologies to adopting them to create transformative competitive advantage.

Our alliances and programs include:

  • APX Labs: Deloitte and APX Labs are working together to enable enterprises to adopt and capture the promise of wearables.
  • Gigwalk: Deloitte and Gigwalk are leveraging new, innovative techniques to provide clients with better visibility into their business operations, with efficient and real-time data collection and analytics.
  • IPP (Innovation Partnership Program): Working with Singularity University and the XPRIZE Foundation, Deloitte provides a virtually unprecedented business innovation program that prepares senior client executives to lead their organizations to thrive in an era of disruption.
  • Singularity University (SU): Deloitte and SU have teamed up to provide answers to one of the most pressing questions on the mind of many business executives and entrepreneurs in a world of exponential technology innovation—what's coming next?
  • XPRIZE: Deloitte and XPRIZE are working together through a strategic alliance and fellowship program to harness the potential of disruptive innovation and to drive positive corporate social impact.


Business ventures: Bringing value through growth

​Additionally, as part of our mission to be the definitive leader in helping companies own the disruption occurring in their industry sectors, we actively scan the market for acquisition opportunities. Continuing to add tailored talent, capabilities, assets/IP, and positioning to our existing firm structure is how we raise the bar in offering solutions our clients value.

Our business ventures include:

  • Research & Sensing: Delivers research-based people strategies designed to help leaders drive exceptional business performance. 
  • ConvergeHEALTH by DeloitteCombines powerful analytics and data models with Deloitte’s leading consulting services to enable health systems, health plans, governments, and life sciences firms to answer the “hard questions” in health care—what works, for whom, why, in what context, and at what cost?
  • DoblinSpecializes in helping companies anticipate and seize new business opportunities by balancing strategy with exploration, discipline with creativity, and practicality with ambition.
  • MarketPointProvides energy resource economics, market fundamental analysis, and strategic insight for the global oil, gas, and power markets to help clients frame the uncertainty of the economic future.​
  • Empowering you with insights for smarter decisions: In today’s fast paced and constantly disrupted world, you need to know, not guess when making decisions about your workforce.


Meet the leader

Andrew Vaz

Andrew Vaz

Global Managing Partner | Chief Innovation Officer

As global chief innovation officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, Andrew works across all of Deloitte’s businesses and geographies to understand disruptive change and identify strategies to embrac... More