Enterprise Application Development & Maintenance Services

Solutions to meet the demands of the digital marketplace

Are outdated systems, inefficient processes, and workforce constraints hindering your digital transformation? Deloitte’s enterprise Application Development and Maintenance services can give you the competitive advantage and support needed to meet rising challenges brought on by digital disruption and changing customer expectations.

A growing need for enterprise Application Development and Maintenance services

Since the onset of the pandemic, digital disruption and changes in how people work have changed customer expectations. Now, customers expect efficient interactions, speed for processing and problem resolution, improved personalization, and the highest level of service responsiveness. But companies are having a hard time meeting these new demands and face challenges in all areas of their business. These challenges include:

With this onset of challenges, old models of application development solutions no longer work. Organizations need to capitalize on solutions that respond faster to market and competitive disruptions, all while meeting these new customer expectations. Deloitte’s enterprise Application Development and Maintenance services help organizations develop a roadmap to design and establish delivery expectations while maintaining a high level of quality assurance and control. We also ensure ongoing management of your business processes, helping to meet the demands of the marketplace while striving for continuous improvements.

Operate to transform

Deloitte’s enterprise Application Development and Maintenance services are designed to help you operate to transform your business with innovative technologies, processes, and approaches. Optimizing, modernizing, and transforming your business are critical tenets to our Operate offerings. With a focus on process efficiency, artificial intelligence, machine learning based automation, analytics, use of emerging commercial and proprietary tools, operating model and governance optimizations, and agile based delivery methods, we can help your organization reduce operational costs, accelerate growth and time to market for measurable and improved business value. Our services include:

We deliver these Application Development and Maintenance services (ADM) through Deloitte’s ADM Center of Excellence (COE). The ADM CoE is designed to help organizations transform rapidly to meet their business objectives while enabling them to operate efficiently. It is through our collaborative teams who have the right mix of technology and domain expertise that we partner with organizations to plan, build, manage and test your core applications. Our foundry attributes include process and modeling optimization, application innovation, continuous communication—all within a transparent and well-governed structure.

What sets Deloitte’s Application Development and Maintenance services apart?

Organizations need a trusted partner who can bring differentiated advice, skills, and assets within a partnership model that is agile and flexible. Deloitte’s enterprise Application Development and Maintenance services carry deep capabilities in advising, maintaining, and enhancing technologies while delivering insights across flexible economic models. Our application development solutions are built upon these differentiators:

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