Marketing Science Services


Marketing Science Services

Using data and technology to optimize advertising investments

Deloitte’s marketing science offering specializes in providing modern marketing data solutions, insights, analytics, collaboration, and measurement to clients.

Evolving marketplace needs and industry trends, such as signal loss and consumer privacy regulations, pose new challenges and opportunities in improving marketing and advertising performance. Explore what the best in class are doing, where they are investing, and how they are adopting emerging (and sustainable) technologies and methodologies in marketing data analytics and data science to create solutions for marketing performance improvement and profitability across the enterprise.

By tapping into the power of marketing data analytics, we help derive solutions to generate peak performance for positive business outcomes—helping clients see what’s possible through the power of data. Whether you’re looking to convert more customers or boost revenue, we strive to help your business go beyond just “using” analytics—we help you to master your data capabilities for performance in a way where the expansion, growth, and improvement of your marketing metrics are continuous. By helping elevate the methods, tools, and abilities revolving around your analytics and data capabilities, we optimize marketing performance and results—for truly effective adaption in a new, ever-evolving era of digital and analytical transformation.

What kinds of marketing performance results can our clients experience by unlocking their full analytical and data potential? Deeper customer engagement—and lasting loyalty. More sales—faster. Surpassing of revenue goals—to rise beyond the expected to new business possibilities. We’ll help you realize a metric measurement model that works effectively and continuously—incorporating a wide range of data types—to keep your capabilities evolving and performances delivering. Explore below to see exactly what we can help you achieve and how:

KPI frameworks and measurement trends

Granular marketing mix modeling

Data clean rooms and privacy-enhancing technologies

Marketing operating models

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