Accelerating Time to Value Using Preconfigured DMES

An integrated, end-to-end digital thread approach

When manufacturing organizations lack integration and collaboration between people, processes, and technology, it causes significant production issues. Prebuilt processes and tools, like DMES, pave the way for a faster and more efficient path to transformation.

Our preconfigured solutions

To accelerate digital transformation for our clients, we aligned four core capabilities across the digital thread in four major areas: digital engineering, industrial simulations, manufacturing execution, and real-time monitoring. Deloitte has deep experience across each of these areas, and working closely with Siemens has allowed us to leverage this experience, as well as Siemens’s best-in-class software.

Digital Engineering:
To manage the design, development, and testing of products, as well as to create process documentation and requirements, we have developed a preconfigured PLM solution—DPLM—using Siemens’s Teamcenter, Polarian, and Annex solutions.

Industrial Simulation:
To dynamically represent and validate processes, and to plan and optimize against hypothetical production parameters, Deloitte built the preconfigured DSim solution leveraging Siemens’s Tecnomatix solution.

Manufacturing Execution:
Manufacturing execution provides the backbone for manufacturing productions. To build, execute, and track tactical work plans; integrate with production systems; manage quality; and report metrics, we have created a preconfigured MES solution—DMES—that uses Siemens’s Opcenter.

Real-time Monitoring:
In order to collect, synthesize, and display live data and performance insights, and to predict upcoming issues or events, Deloitte uses our preconfigured DIoT platform, which is built using Siemens’s MindSphere solution.

What capabilities come with Deloitte’s preconfigured DMES solution?

DMES is Deloitte’s comprehensive preconfigured Manufacturing Execution solution that provides an extensive set of MES capabilities, combined with Deloitte’s predefined business processes, data flows, integrations, and configurations. There are six core capabilities, for which we have defined out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, and integration templates to other enterprise solutions, such as ERP and PLM.

Our DMES deployment approach in three steps

The DMES solution is a three-step process that focuses on sourcing value and patterns of commonality, enabling rapid solution scaling, localized tailoring, and a clear link to ROI for your organization. Deployment is broken down into these steps:

  1. Assessment and road map: We bring a specific set of tools and templates to quantify value and drive decision-making, as well as help our clients define their road map within weeks.
  2. Implementation: This step encompasses both creation of a global design template and the tailoring of that template to individual locations. We fully leverage the DMES solution during this step to accelerate both segments.
  3. DMES application management: In the final step, we manage the production environment of the solution and build additional predictive analytic capabilities.
    DMES is the nexus for all manufacturing data, and Deloitte has worked heavily to merge DMES with DPLM, DSim, and DIoT to create an integrated digital thread for our clients.

The Deloitte and Siemens alliance

The Siemens and Deloitte alliance puts your success at the center of everything we do to deliver end-to-end enterprise transformations that help you move quickly from road map to value realization. Discover how Siemens PLM, MES, MindSphere, Mendix, and Polarion software can help you define your transformation strategy and build a business case to unlock its value. With Deloitte’s experience, you won’t just survive the digital age; you’ll thrive.


Meet our leaders

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Brian Meeker

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Vijay Santhanam

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