restaurant employee engagement


The power of employee engagement

Redefining the restaurant experience

Cultivating employee engagement can help restaurants create positive customer experiences and reduce costly turnover. By focusing on the five core elements of employee engagement, restaurants can create a motivated workforce of brand ambassadors that take ownership of the customer experience.

Engaged and motivated restaurant employees are at the heart of positive experience

According to our recent restaurant customer experience survey, a staff of friendly, hospitable employees is the most important element needed for a positive experience at a restaurant.

Yet in their quest to improve the customer experience, many restaurant companies have underinvested in employee development and engagement programs. This imbalance can make it harder for restaurants to create the experience that customers want and generate the business results they need.

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The five elements of employee engagement

Bringing their customer and talent strategies into alignment will require restaurants to make employee engagement a strategic, enterprise-wide priority. Our Simply Irresistible Organization™ model gives restaurant companies a framework for focusing on the five core elements of employee engagement:

  1. Meaningful work
  2. Supportive management
  3. Positive work environment
  4. Growth opportunity
  5. Trust in leadership

Working toward excellence in each of these areas can help restaurants build a motivated workforce of brand ambassadors who are committed to their employers and take personal responsibility for the customer experience.

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Providing a consistently positive restaurant experience is what creates customer loyalty, and companies cannot achieve it without an engaged workforce.

Building a “simply irresistible” place to work

Working towards excellence in each of the five core elements that drive engagement creates the win-win restaurant situation—the employee experience improves and your customers get a better experience with your brand. Continue to learn more by reading The power of employee engagement

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