Restaurant of the future


The restaurant of the future

Engaging the next-generation consumer

Consumer demands for convenience and seamless digital experiences are on the rise, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. How can food establishments elevate customer experiences with the help of new convenience practices and digital ecosystems to be successful with the next-generation guest? We serve up insights into three trends that are shaping consumption patterns among restaurant guests and examine actions restaurants of the future can take to thrive.

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Three trends shaping the restaurant of the future

Customers already wanted convenience and digital connections with their dining experience—either on- or off-premises. Now, a new focus on safety has amplified these demands.

Deloitte conducted consumer surveys both before and after the emergence of COVID-19, which has made it possible to measure existing trends and the impact the pandemic has had on their trajectory. To complement this survey data, we also conducted one-on-one interviews with brand executives. These interviews helped us learn more about where trends are showing up across restaurant segments and categories and helped us collect first-person accounts of how brands are adjusting to meet their customers’ needs.

Based on this research, we’ve identified insights into three key trends that are shaping consumption patterns among restaurant guests:

Ultimate convenience. Consumers always demand convenience, and in a more off-premises world, that means drive-through, takeout, and delivery are crucial.
Frictionless digital experiences. Tech-savvy consumers demand digital engagement from restaurants and want cutting-edge restaurant technology options that recognize them and know their preferences.
Heightened safety in the wake of COVID-19. Remote work models and crowd avoidance are among the trends reshaping people’s dining habits.

The ingredients for the restaurant of the future are in place. To explore them in more detail and learn how to devise an action plan, download our full report.

Customer trends: What did guests say?

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Industry trends: How should restaurants respond?

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