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Revolutionizing enterprise service delivery

New shared services models are boosting efficiency and agility

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Revolutionizing enterprise service delivery


Thriving in the new normal

The days when a CFO’s job was mainly about providing day-to-day financial support are long gone. Finance chiefs for years have been leading transformations that touch nearly all parts of the business. So what’s different today? A lot.

The dual health and economic crises triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have upended long-held orthodoxies about the nature of work while amplifying the CFO’s role as chief transformation officer. After the outbreak hit, lockdowns forced countless employees to do their jobs from home; supplier networks needed to be reshuffled across regions to ensure business continuity; finance teams had to close the books and file 10-Q reports remotely. The list goes on.

Embracing the change ahead

It’s time to reimagine enterprise service delivery. Disruptive events, market trends, and digital advancements are forcing businesses to adapt to change—rapidly and repeatedly. New service delivery models can help organizations leverage cross-functional resources, drive innovation, and boost resiliency so they’re prepared for whatever the future may bring.

Cost savings remain a huge driver for shifting service delivery models, but other opportunities are equally compelling. Is your company ready to seize them?

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