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Case studies on digital transformation in the finance function

Finance in a digital world

See how Deloitte helped solve emerging finance issues by working with companies to adopt digital ways of working and thinking. Learn more from our series of client case studies on digital finance transformation in action.

Finance 2025 predictions made real, today

Explore the case studies that demonstrate how the predictions made in our Finance 2025 report are becoming a reality, today. Select from the topics in the two carousels below to see more.

Featured case study: A transportation organization finds a new ERP in the cloud

A large transportation organization was responsible for moving thousands of people every day and adhering to strict timetables. But it saw that its business units were lagging far behind in productivity, and leadership knew that it needed to make significant changes to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to meet current market demands, beat the competition, and improve time to market. That meant one thing for this organization: a move to the cloud, for its scalability, flexibility, and nearly limitless potential.

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It's Crunch time for Finance

Visit our Finance in a Digital WorldTM Crunch time series of reports on topics including business reporting, forecasting, Finance 2025 predictions, blockchain, cognitive technology, and more. Whatever your interest, one thing is clear: A new class of digital disruptors is transforming how the work of Finance gets done.

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