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Knowledge dimensions

The many factors of knowledge management in the age of disruptive work

In this episode, host Burt Rea is joined by eGain’s Ashu Roy, Dell’s Bruce Sanchez, and Deloitte’s Steve Lancaster-Hall to explore organizations’ knowledge management challenges from three perspectives. The conversation explores why knowledge management implementations often fail, and how taking a human-centered, business solution architect approach could be the answer.

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Knowledge dimensions: The many factors of knowledge management in the age of disruptive work

In order to keep up and even stay ahead of the competition, organizations have to change the very nature of how they think about the concept of “work” from static, predictable jobs to assembling the right skills together with agility to achieve the outcome of the moment. Listen in on a conversation with Deloitte’s Steve Lancaster-Hall, Dell’s Bruce Sanchez, and eGain’s Ashu Roy as they explore the challenges of knowledge management from three unique perspectives: the lens of an organization that has successfully navigated these challenges (and still is), a software provider that is developing products in this rapidly evolving space, and Deloitte, which is working to bring together these solutions for its clients.

Knowledge management is a discipline. Think about any discipline, the ability to write code and develop software, the ability to engineer solutions and architect discipline. They are formal sciences, and knowledge management is no exception. I think one of the keys to success here is to treat it as such, invest in it appropriately, and find the people and expertise that can help deliver those type of solutions.

—Bruce Sanchez, Dell

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Managing knowledge in an age of disruption

A guide to human-centered design approach and knowledge management implementation for organizations that want to leverage knowledge they have but don’t know how.

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