Value-based contracts

Insights into the volume-to-value transformation

For the industry to take hold of them, the obstacles of life sciences and biopharma value-based contracts need to be discussed openly, and earnestly. This series will help put context around patient access, health care stakeholder viewpoints, and the therapeutic areas that are leading the charge.

The state of the market

Unsustainable health care cost burdens and variable patient outcomes are accelerating the volume to value transformation of health care. There is growing interest in value-based contracts (VBCs) between pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers/providers as one approach to help with this shift to value-based care. Despite this growing interest, adoption has been slower for numerous reasons including misaligned incentives, difficulty tracking patient outcomes, and lack of consensus on industry standards. The lack of technology to efficiently administer and adjudicate agreements is also a common concern.

Bringing the ecosystem together: Accelerating biopharma value-based contracts

Next-generation therapies might require next-generation payment models

As part of our third annual Value Exchange Summit, Deloitte brought together 40 thought leaders from across the health care ecosystem—biopharmaceutical companies, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, and health systems—to discuss strategies to improve patient access to next-generation cell and gene therapies, and innovative payment models that could be used to cover the cost.

Participants specifically focused on three challenges facing cell and gene therapies:

  • Financing, affordability and reimbursement innovation
  • Finding, measuring, and sharing value
  • Patient-access orchestration

Find out how biopharmaceutical companies can work with the health care ecosystem to help these therapies reach their potential.

Read the takeaways from our previous two Summits:

Deloitte has the breadth and depth of capabilities to help the life sciences and health care industry overcome challenges to enabling VBCs. Find about our services.

Related thinking and perspectives

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