Deloitte at Hannover Messe | April 17–21, 2023

Making manufacturers the world’s smartest organizations

Deloitte is helping manufacturers transform what’s next into what’s now. Join us at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest international industrial gathering, to learn how we can solve your most significant industry challenges and find the straightest path to value with smart manufacturing.

Deloitte is the trustworthy smart manufacturing partner

Deloitte’s proprietary software and ecosystem-powered assets help your manufacturing facilities break through obstacles to scale, drive out waste, enhance your workforce, and compete in the marketplace. We work alongside you to move the needle on your KPIs so your workforce can focus on higher-value activities.

We understand what you do, how you do it, and the challenges you face, and we use that insight to co-create solutions that precisely fit your needs, resources, and technology maturity. Visit us at Hannover Messe (Hall 015, stand D51) to explore our smart manufacturing offerings.


Deloitte's program of events

Deloitte’s program at Hannover Messe is inspired by the challenges manufacturers face and the need to develop operational agility to evolve the supply chain and capitalize on smart opportunities. Building from resilience to agility positions your enterprise to drive business outcomes, grow customer loyalty, meet consumer demands, and stay ahead of competitors.

  • Asset and operational efficiency: The Smart Factory
    With the advent of Industry 4.0 for manufacturing, companies can increase production efficiency and reduce costs by using technologies to monitor and gain deeper insight into their operations in real time. Simply put, a smart factory is one equipped with technology that enables asset-to-asset (i.e., machine-to-machine) and asset-to-human (i.e., machine-to-human) communication in tandem with analytical and cognitive technologies so that decisions related to the facility are data driven and on time.
  • Digital twin/Digital thread: Navigating the transition to a model-based enterprise
    In a model-based enterprise (MBE), organizations integrate their functions under a common set of digital models. Products are developed virtually and concurrently with requirements from all functions, collapsing organizational silos and dramatically improving collaboration, product cost, quality, and time to market. The challenge for manufacturers is the integration of core MBE capabilities at scale.
  • Operate services: Embrace a more agile way of working
    Organizations are turning to new service models for several reasons, many of which have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Operate Services support your day-to-day smart manufacturing operations reliably and securely, freeing you to focus on the core missions and outcomes that define your business.
  • 5G in manufacturing: Connected everything
    Together with edge computing, 5G provides the digital infrastructure platform for manufacturers to realize and implement new, more effective ways of operating. It enables the connection of so many more devices—whether that’s sensors, cameras, or machines—while maintaining the same powerful level of network performance. These advancements provide manufacturers with the ability to consume, analyze, and act on massive amounts of data in real time, enhancing business delivery and precision.
  • Industrial Metaverse: Unlimited Reality™ for smart operations
    Industry operations are big and complex, which makes them an expensive proposition—and margins of error are slim. Enter Unlimited Reality. Now at every stage of the planning and production process, simulations of facilities or machines can help increase the chances of building a successful new operation or optimizing an existing one.
  • Cybersecurity for smart factories: Managing threats to manufacturing
    As manufacturers advance to the omniverse, cybersecurity will be table stakes. Organizations must stay ahead of cyberthreats, and most are investing in their cyber infrastructure. However, the focus should be not only on cyber defense but also on the resiliency and continuity of businesses in the event of a cyberattack. Increasing monitoring efforts to check for abnormal behavior of information technology and operational technology as quickly as possible can prevent catastrophic damage.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
    Whether it’s in response to stakeholder demands, regulatory mandates, a concern for the environment, or plain financial gain, manufacturers can no longer confine sustainability to aspirational targets printed in their annual reports. To make the necessary progress, they will instead need to commit to clear action. And that action will have to start on the factory floor.

Deloitte Quantum “Climate Challenge 2023” Finale Pitch Event and Award Ceremony

The Deloitte Quantum Climate Challenge 2023 aims to investigate how quantum computers may help to improve materials used in direct air capture to filter carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to reach the 1.5°C global goal. Challenge finalists will pitch their solutions in front of a jury of experts from the quantum and chemical industries on April 19, 2023. Juror affiliations include representatives from IBM, AWS, Intel, Evonik, Verband der Chemischen Industrie, BASF, Chemovator, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Quantistry.

  • Visit our Deloitte Quantum Link team at Hannover Messe in Hall 2, B60
  • See the finalist pitches on April 19th from 1 - 2 PM on the “Industrial Startup Stage”, location Hall 17, A80
  • The award ceremony for the Challenge will take place on April 19th from 4 - 5 PM in Hall 2 on the “Tech Transfer Conference“ Stage, location A60, Hall 2, A60


Ecosystem Partners

Deloitte has convened a world-renowned team of solution providers, technology innovators, academic researchers, and futurists to showcase the tremendous power of smart manufacturing technologies. Visit our booth to engage with us and our partners as we demonstrate elements of today's smart factory—and the innovation that pragmatically solves for the challenges of tomorrow.



Our global Smart Factory network

Deloitte’s smart manufacturing insights

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