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A satellite in a geosynchronous equatorial orbit can communicate consistently and uninterrupted with many earthbound satellite antennas, all of which are aligned to the same point in the sky. Leading businesses are now using Global Business Services (GBS) to create similar alignment among their business units. Instead of operating numerous shared service centers and managing outsourcing vendors separately, organizations can integrate governance, locations, and business practices across the enterprise to achieve transformative performance improvements. In this way, GBS serves as a single enterprise organization or network that can drive collaboration and sharing to improve delivery efficiency, effectiveness, and business outcomes.

Geosynchronous orbit

Deloitte’s Global Business Services practice works closely with senior executives to understand their strategic vision and to assess how GBS might align with their business strategy to drive results. We advise our clients from initial strategy development, through the implementation and launch of the Global Business Services, to refinements of the Global Business Services model over time to help achieve the next level of performance.

For mature companies with shared services and outsourcing, we work to bring order to existing contracts, practices, and processes. We help find the next opportunity for incremental value, managing exposure to global locations and service providers, and improving internal and external controls. Businesses with limited experience may have a single function utilizing shared services or outsourcing. We help capitalize on progress made and leverage lessons learned to drive value across other areas of their global enterprise.


We advise companies as they:

  • Develop and evaluate an initial Global Business Services strategy
  • Integrate function specific shared services centers into a broader Global Business Services model
  • Evaluate sites and facilities locally and globally to help effectively develop a footprint for internal customer service, potential cost advantage, and taxes
  • Establish effective governance procedures, service-level agreements, and performance management for global business services
  • Explore potential benefits of offshoring or outsourcing certain processes or services in the context of global business services
  • Define and develop new, value added services including global master data, analytics
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Learn about Deloitte’s GBS Maturity Assessment Tool

Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Improved alignment with the business strategy and growth agenda
  • A global approach that can improve visibility, control, and risk management
  • Cost and operational efficiencies on a global scale consistently across functions
  • Benefits from one integrated organization with end-to-end processes
  • Improved analytics and insights from access to cross-functional data
  • An agile organization with flexible scalability to respond to changing business needs such as mergers, acquisitions and divestitures

​Global Business Services creates a single enterprise organization or network that can drive collaboration and sharing to improve delivery efficiency, effectiveness, and business outcomes.

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