Manufacturing Strategy and Operations

Improving operational performance

Like a tennis player standing poised, keeping both eyes on the ball and anticipating her opponent’s next move, a manufacturer that takes a strategically superior stance can position itself to ace the competition.

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Ready to strike

Deloitte's Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations practice helps global manufacturers translate their business strategy into practical operational plans through an effective manufacturing strategy. We help companies implement their strategy by finding ways to improve operational performance across complex value chains. This includes assessing manufacturing capacity, core versus noncore products, where products are made, core capabilities versus those that can be outsourced, where manufacturing plants are located and their supporting supply base, and even advanced manufacturing technologies.


Manufacturing Strategy and Operations services

  • Manufacturing strategy development
  • Facility rationalization and manufacturing expansion
  • Production systems and lean operations improvement
  • Direct material cost reduction and supplier development
  • M&A-related operational synergy realization

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Potential bottom-line benefits

  • Lead times reduced by up to 90 percent, throughput increases of up to two times with no investment
  • Internal costs reduced by up to 30 percent
  • Increased asset efficiency—up to 70 percent reduction in inventory and 85 percent in PPE utilization
  • Direct material cost reduction by up to 40 percent
  • Proactive business continuity risk mitigation cost reduction by up to 40 percent

Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Supply Networks (DSN) solutions are connecting digital and physical worlds in innovative ways—with breakthrough business results.

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Meet the leader

Jason Bergstrom

Jason Bergstrom

Principal | Smart Manufacturing Senior Commercial Advisor

Jason is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and Senior Commercial Advisor of the firm’s Smart Manufacturing business. Mr. Bergstrom has helped numerous organizations deliver complex, global supp... More