Deloitte Federal Health
AI Accelerator

Transformative potential of Trustworthy AI for Health

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The Deloitte Federal Health AI Accelerator explores the risks, challenges and opportunities of building Trustworthy AI solutions in Federal Health.

This convening of leaders from the health care and technology fields will explore how AI can help address longstanding health disparities, strengthen epidemiological modeling and analysis, improve public health emergency response efforts and enhance health outcomes for communities across the country.

  • Trustworthy AI: Managing risks and opportunities of AI systems in healthcare and identify novel AI risks through red teaming and novel assessment methods, not only for safety and security, but also for other key AI risks including bias, discrimination, and privacy.
  • GenAI Based Copilots & AI Apps: Augmenting clinical and public health providers decision-making via AI.
  • Large Language Models (LLMs): Enhancing foundational language models with domain knowledge to drive health missions and implementing platforms to enable multi-model exploration within security government infrastructure / clouds.
  • Operational Improvements: Exploring ways in which AI can be leveraged to improve back-office operations and efficiencies.

Backed by the Deloitte AI Institute for Government and grounded in Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI framework, the Deloitte Health AI Accelerator will bring together leading minds in the nation to help navigate this new GenAI landscape safely and efficiently.

Research topics

nurse performing a sonogram

Maternal health

In the United States, maternal mortality rates are a significant concern, with Black and Brown mothers facing a higher risk due to disparities in health care access. Deloitte has collaborated with nonprofits and technology firms to leverage AI solutions that aim to address these disparities and improve access to quality care.

doctor holding a petri dish with a virus in it

Outbreak surveillance
and case reporting

Deloitte will collaborate with clients, academic institutions, and leading technology firms to help expedite outbreak detection and response efforts using AI-enabled syndromic surveillance.

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Optimizing donor engagement

Nonprofits face a number of challenges in maintaining donor and constituent relationships. We aim to work with technology firms to develop in-house AI solutions that help HNPs identify donors, enhance customer engagement, fortify communications strategies, and predict giving patterns and behaviors.

two people holding each others hands

Mental health

Many people in the United States face a wide array of mental health challenges. To help address this issue, Deloitte will work closely with federal, state, and local governments, as well as universities, to explore the potential opportunities of adopting AI technology in the mental health sector.

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Mark Urbanczyk

Principal | GPS AI & Data
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Juergen Klenk

Precision Medicine
Leader | Federal Health

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