Deloitte's Commitment to the State of California

Innovate. Solve. Deliver.

For over 50 years, Deloitte has collaborated with California departments and agencies to help them realize their goals and objectives. We assist in solving complex business and program challenges, delivering vital services and benefits, and making a real impact for millions of Californians. With 10 offices throughout the state, Deloitte has nearly 5,700 employees who live and work here—and half of them are graduates of California colleges and universities. Deloitte combines deep industry knowledge with a breadth of services that instills confidence in our State clients and helps them provide responsive, high-quality service to constituents. We are proud of the jobs we have created in California and the positive impact our employees make in their communities as taxpayers, volunteers and strategic business partners.

Deloitte in California

By the numbers:

  • 50 percent of Deloitte's State workforce recruited from California universities
  • 10 Deloitte offices in California
  • 5,687 full-time professionals in California
  • Over $80 million paid to California-based small businesses (sub-contractors) since 2003​

Helping California provide services to taxpayers

  • California Volunteers - Helping leverage volunteers to support significant initiatives such as disaster response
  • Child Support Enforcement - Helping improve access to data to increase collections
  • CISO – Strengthening the State’s security infrastructure
  • EDD State Disability Insurance - Delivering timely benefits to Californians at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives
  • EDD Unemployment Insurance - Helping the state better serve the unemployed
  • Genetic Disease Screening Program - Helping diagnose and treat babies with inherited disorders
  • University of California campuses - Helping campuses improve the quality and affordability of education​
  • University of California Office of the President - Helping to improve health benefits while constraining growth in costs
  • UCSF/UC Med – Helping achieve savings by streamlining operations
  • WIC Program – Helping WIC vendors improve process efficiencies​

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Benush Venugopal

Benush Venugopal

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Josh Nisbet

Managing Director | Government & Public Services

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