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The Government & Public Services CFO Program

Forward thinking, fresh insights

In response to the challenges and complexities facing Government & Public Services (GPS) Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) today, Deloitte established a GPS CFO Program to deliver forward thinking, fresh insights for every stage of a CFOs career in government. The program aims to assist government CFOs with managing the complexities of their roles, tackling their organizations’ most compelling challenges, and adapting to strategic shifts in the market by providing timely tools and resources.

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The GPS CFO Program harnesses our organization’s broad capabilities to deliver forward thinking and fresh insights for every stage of a CFO’s career—helping CFOs:

  • Manage the complexities of their roles
  • Tackle their company’s most compelling challenges
  • Adapt to strategic shifts in the market

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Deloitte’s vision is clear:

To be recognized as the pre-eminent advisor to the CFO.

GPS CFO Program offerings

CFO Transition Lab: Plan ahead

The GPS CFO Transition Lab is a one-day experience that focuses on the three most important resources GPS CFOs must manage during their transitions: personal and organizational time management, talent in the finance organization, and critical stakeholder relations.

CFO Vision Conference: Look ahead

Provides the opportunity to hear insights and perspectives from thought leaders in business, politics and media—and engage in thought-provoking dialogue among your CFO peers.

CFO Forums: Stay ahead

Offered in scores of cities in nine countries, CFO Forums provide a unique opportunity for CFOs to network with peers, explore challenging issues and share leading practices.


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Insights and ideas: Think ahead

GPS CFO Insights

This publication from Deloitte tackles the timely issues that CFOs and senior finance executives face today with practical advice.

CFO Journal Perspectives

GPS Perspectives is a monthly article series in the CFO Journal, The Wall Street Journal, that features GPS CFO-centric content, including research, perspectives, and insights

GPS Technically Speaking

GPS Technically Speaking by Deloitte's GPS FAV&S market offering and Deloitte's Accounting Standards & Communications Group highlights GPS financial accounting and reporting guidance.


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Roger Hill

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