Government Crisis Management Services

Proven response strategies for government and public services

The credibility and reputation of organizations are heavily influenced by the perception of their responses during crisis situations. As crises frequently fall in place, setting up a solid crisis management plan for government institutions is important to protect their communities, ability to serve citizens, information, assets, and finances.

Response strategies for government and public services

Our dedicated Government & Public Services professionals and government crisis management services are designed to help you anticipate, react to, and respond to potential crises. The outcome? An organization that’s stronger, smarter, and bolder—no matter what comes your way.

Government's response to this crisis must account for the urgency of the situation and embrace both short- and long-term perspectives.

Government crisis management perspectives

Government crisis management services

An increase in catastrophic events, whether physical, virtual, or financial in origin, can evolve quickly, testing the mettle of even the most experienced leaders and organizations. We can help you go into any crisis better prepared and emerge stronger. Learn how our government crisis management services can help you anticipate, react to, and emerge from potential crises to turn chaos into clarity.


Real-time response and 24/7 monitoring
We have experienced crisis leaders, combined with operations, finance, technology, and regulatory specialists, ready to deploy within hours of a crisis and around-the-clock tracking and analysis of multiple sources of data to assist a client’s crisis command center and provide real-time situational awareness.
Crisis communications
Ongoing assistance to preempt reputation threats, provide guidance for stakeholder outreach, and control messaging by navigating both social and traditional media.
Crisis simulation and wargaming
An interactive technique that immerses participants in a simulated crisis scenario to help evaluate an organization’s response effectiveness and preparedness.
Business continuity management
The worst that can happen sometimes does, whether it’s a pandemic, natural or man-made disaster, or other unexpected and disruptive event. Business continuity policies, methods, and tools help leaders prepare for, coordinate, and respond to major disruptions to maintain critical business operations.
Enterprise risk management
To confront dynamic risk environments, agencies should effectively identify and manage risks using an enterprise approach. The scope, complexity, and interdependencies of current and emerging risk are looked at from a broad and prioritized view based on mission objectives.
Managed Crisis Recovery
Managed Crisis Recovery (MCR) is Deloitte’s outcomes-based managed services offering that provides turnkey recovery operations (deliverable on-site or off-site), powered by a configurable technology platform and driven by an agile workforce deployable across all phases of the recovery life cycle.
Grants management
People, processes, and technologies that support proposal, disbursement, accounting, cost recovery, and programmatic compliance efforts related to financial grants stemming from natural disasters, emergency declarations, or other events.

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Jennifer Ahn

Jennifer Ahn

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Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne

Specialist Executive | Deloitte US

Mike is a specialist executive at Deloitte supporting efforts to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against the consequences of disaster events with broad-spectrum career experience, ... More

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