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Health and Human Services practice

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For more than 45 years, Deloitte state health and human services professionals have worked side by side with Individuals, Communities and State/Federal agencies. Our mission is to help you achieve your mission—protecting and improving the health, safety, and wellbeing of our fellow citizens. We are focused on helping States align program performance to improve quality, efficiency and access to services and supports that enhance independence for those in community. Our breadth of offerings includes: eligibility and service integration, state health care and services, child welfare, childcare and early learning, and many others.

Health and Human Services practice

Realizing the potential of generative AI in human services: Use cases to transform program delivery

Generative AI is a powerful tool that, when used in concert with other AI tools and appropriate governance mechanisms, can help services reach people more quickly and equitably.

Explore the potential of Generative AI in human services

Health and Human Services Innovators Playbook

Technology and other trends are driving innovation in and reforms of government health and human services programs, improving outcomes for the individuals and families these programs serve in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Explore the playbook

The future of work in Health and Human Services

Health and human services (HHS) jobs will likely undergo major changes due to factors such as technology advances and changing demographics.

Explore how a range of HHS jobs could look in 2025

Realizing the Potential: Gen AI in Human Services Delivery

As the Great Resignation exacerbates staffing challenges, agencies struggle to maintain timely service delivery. Gen AI offers a glimmer of hope by generating personalized content at scale, aiding caseworkers in answering case-specific questions, simplifying policy guidance, and facilitating data-driven decisions. When judiciously applied alongside other tools and human expertise, Gen AI can help lighten caseworkers' loads by automating tasks and streamlining communications.

Realizing the Promise of No Wrong Door

In the health and human services realm, the typical customer doesn’t understand how agencies are organized, which programs are available, and which agencies administer which programs. This complexity creates administrative burdens. Automation of design processes can help better engage customers in their journey through health and human services benefits remedying this burden on customers.

Optimizing Digital Service Delivery in HHS

Optimizing digital service delivery requires a focus on digital and physical engagement that prioritizes digitizing legacy technologies while elevating the human experience—for workers and the customers they serve. To optimize their digital service delivery for 2026, HHS agencies must understand and prioritize new paradigms, collect feedback from the workforce, and conduct scenario planning for digital and physical engagement between staff and their customers.

Tackling the Workforce Crisis in Health and Human Services

Ask health and human services executives what they worry about these days, and the workforce crisis nearly always tops the list. The staffing challenge in health and human services has reached a new level of vacancies. There is a capacity deficit that impedes on an agency’s ability to carry out its mission. This workforce crisis has been coined as the “Great Resignation”. To effectively navigate this massive disruption, health and human services agencies should consider redesigning the workforce experience.

Close the trust gap to improve outcomes and improve customer engagement.

Trust helps foster better government to citizen experience over both the short and long terms. There’s massive upside for government agencies that get it right.

The ABCs of Customer Data in Marketing

We can help take your consumer data next level, using it to infuse better decision-making that helps elevate the government experiences. This document highlights various ways how collaboration with us and our alliance vendors spanning marketing, CRM, eCommerce, data and social media ecosystem, we bring strengths in CX strategy, system integration, machine learning-driven analytics, cloud-based solutions, and sector specific knowledge to help foster better government and citizen interactions.

Elevating the human experience

Social care agencies often view their clients through a program-centric lens, an inevitable byproduct of the way in which various programs have been established and run separately. This approach fails to acknowledge the complexity of actual human beings, who may have multiple needs that cut across artificial program boundaries. By understanding their clients, leading with empathy, and designing human-centered experiences that meet individual needs, HHS agencies can elevate the human experience.

2021 ADvancing States Spring Meeting

The 2021 ADvancing States Spring meeting included a brainstorming session,
Staying Afloat: How to Solve the Direct Care Workforce Shortage.
Shared Challenges, Diverse Opportunities

Participants quickly agreed on key issues behind the home and
community - based services (HCBS) workforce shortage: difficulty recruiting
and retaining workers due to low wages and being under-valued. State funding limitations, alongside maintenance of recipient service offerings, is a major obstacle to raising wages. This document summarizes insights shared by participants during break out sessions. It includes past and current state efforts, as well as ideas to try in the future.

We help states adopt innovative, customer-focused approaches to human services transformation while leveraging the latest in technology, including digital and mobile, to build programs and provide flexibility for the variations in the ways social services are delivered. Modernizing, innovating and integrating systems for verifying eligibility and service delivery is more than a chance to drive efficiency and secure funding. It’s an opportunity to transform outcomes for the people you serve.

We have the experience to meet federal requirements, and the commitment to work side by side with state agencies to help the children and families they serve. We understand that every family that relies on social services programs is different, just like every state that helps make it happen is different, too.


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