Public Health Transformation (PHT)

Collaborating across state and local public health agencies to reimagine the public health ecosystem

Deloitte’s Public Health Transformation (PHT) offering modernizes our public health infrastructure, advances workforce operations, and addresses social determinants of health. We help public health departments and state public health agencies conduct public health functions while advancing health equity and driving the future of public health. Our offerings support clients with strategy and implementation activities related to disease surveillance, case management, vaccine management, immunization registry, healthcare licensing, permitting and inspections, in addition to aligning data to the Data Modernization Initiative (DMI).

Our vision and what we do

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the weaknesses in our state and local public health infrastructure resulting from decades of underinvestment. For state and local public health departments, maintaining access to care and community resources was difficult due in large part to historically siloed funding structures, shortages in the public health agency workforce, and the challenges presented by a novel virus. As we emerge from the pandemic, Deloitte’s Public Health Transformation offering is uniquely positioned to solve real-time challenges faced by public health departments. Our cutting-edge solutions address workforce transformation, organizational design, data modernization, digital platforms, mission-related program challenges, and disease surveillance. Our team is committed to modernizing a community-driven, multi-sector health ecosystem so that every American can thrive.


Public health applications

Public health applications represent the core technology enablers of program delivery, analytics, and reporting and include the implementation of systems to modernize data capture, management, and reporting within the technology infrastructure. A key goal is to modernize existing systems to achieve interoperability and effective public health program delivery.

Public health operations

Public health operations modernize the way agencies deliver the mission through the implementation of advanced management systems to produce organizational efficiency. Modernized platforms address daily functions, including administrative management, fiscal planning, and quality improvement.

Public health workforce

Public health workforce involves deploying workforce development strategies, performance metric systems, innovative technology solutions, and management solutions to modernize the way people work, allowing agencies to invest in mission-focused work to drive greater productivity.

Our cutting-edge tools


Deloitte developed a suite of ServiceNow solutions and accelerators designed to address common challenges faced by governments and higher-education organizations. Jump-start a project to replace or augment legacy systems with our ready-to-configure packages.


Deloitte designed one of the largest social-drivers-of-health datasets in the country to reveal populations susceptible to elevated health risk or health inequities based on location.





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David Betts

Public Health Transformation Leader

David Betts is the leader for Public Health Transformation for Deloitte Consulting. He focuses on assisting clients in the public health arena to create a more resilient public health infrastructure b... More

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