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Finance & Operations

Transforming the way you manage risk

Effectively managing finance and operations risk is increasingly complex. Today’s leaders are not only tasked with establishing sustainable infrastructures to manage the ever-changing regulatory and business environment, but they are also challenged to drive performance and results year over year. To meet these challenges, leaders need solutions to address a variety of financial and operational risks that result from external and internal changes, including regulatory changes, market volatility, corporate events, and growing third-party relationships. Are you driving performance by optimizing the management of your risks?

How we can help

Deloitte’s risk professionals leverage significant experience and proprietary tools and accelerators to help clients effectively manage risk, and transform their business to create and protect value. Our engagements help clients strategize, design and implement organizational and governance changes, and improve processes and underlying technology.

Extended Enterprise Risk Management

We help clients navigate complexities, risks, and opportunities across their extended enterprise. Our services include:

  • Extended Enterprise Advisory Services: We provide end-to-end services to help you establish an extended enterprise risk management program or move your existing risk-management practices to the next level. Our services include strategy and program development, evaluation and persistent vigilance, and technology enablement.
  • Software Asset Management: As a neutral third party, we provide a truly objective perspective on monitoring and governing software assets, helping companies obtain the accurate information they need to optimally license their IT landscape. Our SAM services assist clients in optimizing IT costs and limiting operational, financial, and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software.
  • Supply Chain Risk Management: We help clients transform how they manage supply chain risks by designing supply chain risk management programs, enhancing global supply chain compliance capability, and delivering solutions to improve assurance of supply.

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Operations and Treasury Advisory Services

These offerings are designed to help clients address their operational and technology challenges. Our services include:

  • Treasury & Commodity Advisory Services: We work with treasurers, treasury teams, CFOs, and CIOs to address treasury transformations, mergers and acquisitions, treasury technology, financial distress, and other challenges related to managing volatile currency and commodity markets. Our solutions help clients assess, design, and implement leading practice infrastructure and manage the automation of key Treasury and Commodity Trading functions.
  • Operations & Technology Transformation: Our focus is on transforming the way clients effectively address business, technology, and operational risks. Our approach addresses governance, people, process, and technology elements and also leverages our data analytics and controls capabilities to deliver sustainable results.
  • Middle Revenue Cycle Advisory Services: We work with life sciences and health care organizations to execute their strategic vision for Middle Revenue Cycle functions and improve operational effectiveness. Our professionals work with clients to enhance end-to-end revenue cycle performance, improve key performance indicators, improve clinical documentation and coding accuracy, assist with ICD-10 implementation and integration, and optimize technology.

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Krissy Davis

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