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Team Alchemy™: Enabling High Performing Teams

A model to measuring and enhancing team effectiveness

Today’s teams can’t wait around for the magic to happen. They need a reliable framework for turning potential into progress. Team Alchemy helps uncover the mystery behind high-performing teams. Starting with inquiry and analysis, Team Alchemy surfaces actionable insights that help spark authentic conversations, allowing teams to seize new opportunities.

Propelling teams toward their full potential
When teams want to shore up success conditions or take the next step in their evolution, it’s not always obvious where to start. Should they align on a vision? Secure additional resources? Establish more defined R&R? With so much at stake and so many variables to consider, teams need a reliable and holistic framework for assessing and improving their performance.

Taking the guesswork out of team effectiveness
Developed as a natural companion to Business Chemistry and The Cause Effect, Team Alchemy leverages scientific inquiry and human engagement to help teams tackle their biggest business challenges.

Combining scientific inquiry with human engagement
Team Alchemy asks teams to assess their own context and composition. Using analysis specific to each team’s inputs, the Deloitte Greenhouse evaluates the responses and applies learnings to help identify the team’s strengths and opportunities. We highlight how teams can remedy gaps, leading to productive conversations in which teams can address their most critical issues—the ones that are readily apparent and the ones that linger under the surface.

The Deloitte Greenhouse empowers teams with customized, actionable insights they can adopt to achieve performance breakthroughs.

Learn more about team effectiveness in MIT Sloan Management Review.

“Team Alchemy stands at the frontier where the best research findings end and human judgment begins.”

Chris Ertel, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Being able to see all the feedback and discuss it was awesome. The framework allows you to quickly lead a team to think big and generate ideas on how to drive change, which is table stakes for strategic planning.

Cybersecurity director for a leading technology company

Team Alchemy provides insights based on nine elements that assess how ready, able, and willing teams are to achieve objectives and address challenges:

Turning insight into action


Alignment: Does the team agree on the vision and goals?

Governance: Does the team have supportive leadership and clear decision rights?

Resources: Does the team have the people, skills, time, and tools needed to achieve the expected outcomes?


Capabilities: Does the team have the skills, experience, and perspectives required to get the job done successfully?

Practices: Does the team have the basic structures, processes and principles that support their work?

Agility: Does the team have the ability to deal with uncertainty or surprises?


Trust: Is there a climate of respect, accountability, and candor?

Motivation: Is the team dedicated to the task and to each other?

Purpose: Does the team have a strong belief in its potential impact?



Why Team Alchemy?

Every team deserves an opportunity to succeed. Team Alchemy helps enable teams to identify opportunities to up their game in the ways that matter most to their success.

Reach out to our Chief Alchemist to learn more.

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