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AmeriGas client spotlight

CEO Jerry Sheridan has focused AmeriGas on customer service excellence in order to win in the competitive propane industry. But with 8,500 employees and an outdated ERP system, how could AmeriGas Propane create a seamless experience for each one of its more than two million customers?

“Delighting the customer is one of our Guiding Principles, and it reflects our priorities and our dedication to improving our customer service abilities in every department of our company."

– Jerry Sheridan, president and CEO, AmeriGas Propane

Focusing on customer service

In the highly fragmented propane industry, customer service has emerged as a key competitive differentiator. To sharpen its edge, AmeriGas Propane knew it was essential to offer an exceptional experience to each of its two million customers.

But superior service requires connecting your employees to real-time information, and AmeriGas was struggling with an outdated ERP platform. CEO Jerry Sheridan knew that something needed to change. “We knew that we had to take the company to the next technological level because we saw the industry was changing,” says Sheridan.

Relying on an aggressive acquisition strategy, AmeriGas had grown to be the nation’s largest propane company. After selecting SAP as its new ERP system, AmeriGas partnered with Deloitte to ensure that its SAP system effectively facilitated the rapid flow of information that would drive the company’s commitment to customer service.

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Impacts from Transformation:

  • Access to real-time information
  • Greater pricing sophistication
  • Stronger customer service

"We were extremely impressed by the homework that Deloitte had done in advance—we still have the roadmap from their initial presentation hanging in one of our conference rooms."

– Jerry Sheridan, president and CEO, AmeriGas Propane

Creating a customer service powerhouse

With Deloitte’s support, AmeriGas began to uncover inefficiencies in service management, the order-to-cash process, and business intelligence where the lack of real-time information was hampering its ability to deliver great customer service. With the initial analysis complete, AmeriGas began a company-wide SAP integration program designed to turn these areas around.

In the midst of this complex SAP implementation, AmeriGas acquired Heritage Propane, an industry heavyweight that would require integrating another nine disparate legacy systems and more than 150 different brands. This was a major undertaking, but the Deloitte engagement had given AmeriGas the confidence it needed to take on the challenge.

“The quality of the team and the fact that Deloitte knew us so well meant that it was just plug-and-play—we were able to put the band back together and make it happen,” says Sheridan.

The team seamlessly integrated data from the Heritage Propane acquisition and created a flexible branding template that allowed AmeriGas to leverage the name recognition of more than 50 brands.

By the conclusion of the engagement, AmeriGas was transformed into an information-driven organization equipped with real-time data sharing and analysis, 24/7 online bill payment, and a sophisticated pricing system to best serve its customers.

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