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Audit & Assurance Services for Private Companies

Delivering insights in the moments that matter

At Deloitte Private, we recognize that every private company has unique opportunities, challenges, and plans for the future. Our experienced professionals, tailored private company audit methodology, and breadth of resources are focused on transforming your audit into an opportunity for insight and understanding.

A commitment to private companies

Deloitte Private delivers audit and assurance services tailored to private companies, including family-owned businesses, closely held (non-family) businesses, private equity-backed companies, and venture-capital-backed businesses. We build teams that are proficient in private company matters, have an intimate, up-to-date grasp of auditing standards for private companies, and can apply experience from working with private and public companies of various sizes.

Our people are passionate about serving private companies. Your Deloitte team consists of experienced professionals who have:

  • Significant experience serving private companies
  • Diverse experience gained by serving companies of all types including pre-IPO and public companies of all sizes 
  • Specific industry experience
  • Access to innovative auditing and evaluative tools

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We focus on what matters, so you can too. Tailored audits to fit each unique business.

Deloitte Omnia's focused approach brings world-class audit technology, a flexible methodology, and bright minds to deliver a high-quality digital audit while reducing the burden on your team and uncovering insights.

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A private company audit approach that fits your needs

At Deloitte, a private audit is not a compliance exercise. It focuses on the areas of highest risk and minimizes work on what is less relevant. A high-quality audit has to be transparent, customized, and integrated—to deliver insights that inform intelligent, real-time decisions. Our Private Company Audit Methodology incorporates workflow automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytic tools that enable us to offer valuable perspectives as we serve you now and as you grow. This streamlined, tailored approach allows us to spend additional time where you want it: with owners, management, and key stakeholders, to understand and assist them with the challenges and issues they face in running the business.

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Accounting Advisory & Transformation Services

Corporate accounting and finance professionals demand a truly balanced perspective. A flexible, integrated approach. And an experienced adviser who can provide direction and recommendations in a wide range of scenarios. With changing standards, major events, and organizational transformation, companies should be prepared to efficiently and effectively harness new technologies, prioritize digital transformation, and adapt to new ways of working. Accomplishing this, though, is no easy task. Start handling the unexpected so you can focus on what matters—and move forward with confidence.

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Latest news and insights

Learn more about the insights and perspectives delivered by our seasoned professionals.

About Deloitte Private

Globally, Deloitte recognizes the importance of the private company market and its impact on economies worldwide. We created Deloitte Private to clearly demonstrate our commitment to this market segment, establish stronger connectivity around the world, and better serve private clients wherever they need us.

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The services described herein are illustrative in nature and are intended to demonstrate our experience and capabilities in these areas; however, due to independence restrictions that may apply to audit clients (including affiliates) of Deloitte & Touche LLP, we may be unable to provide certain services based on individual facts and circumstances.

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Kirsten Vosen

Kirsten Vosen

US Deloitte Private Audit & Assurance Leader

With more than 30 years of audit and accounting experience, Kirsten Vosen serves as the Audit & Assurance Private leader, focused on strategic growth in the private segment. In addition, Kirsten serve... More

Wolfe Tone

Wolfe Tone

Vice Chair, US Deloitte Private Leader | Global Deloitte Private Leader

Wolfe is the leader of Deloitte Private for the US and globally. With offices in more than 80 countries, Deloitte professionals address the unique needs of private companies and their stakeholders lev... More

Robert Rosone

Robert Rosone

Managing Director | Deloitte Private

Bob is a managing director with Deloitte LLP focused on expanding Deloitte’s services to private companies through Deloitte Private. His responsibilities include operations, business development, mark... More

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    Our professionals provide independent financial statement and internal control audit services, in accordance with the latest professional standards and with a focus on quality.

    Accounting Advisory & Transformation Services

    Elevate your organization’s accounting and reporting, governance, risk management, and controllership transformation with our flexible, integrated approach.  

    Deloitte Private delivers audit and assurance, tax, consulting and risk and financial advisory services tailored for private companies, including family-owned and closely-held businesses, private equity portfolio companies, and venture-capital-backed enterprises.

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