Digital marketing attribution: Myth vs reality


Digital marketing attribution: Myth versus reality

Marketers often typecast digital attribution as appropriate for only programs and campaigns aimed at consumers—after all, those are what typically draw attention. But attribution can be a useful metric for a variety of businesses, regardless of customer type, because of the increase in data being collected that indicates how customers engage.

Digital marketing attribution is often not one of the easier analytics concepts to grasp, let alone implement, especially when applied to multichannel or omnichannel marketing scenarios. Most marketers and consultants express their opinions in the form of tips, tricks, or how-to guides that assume an organization is inevitably heading down the attribution path. Make no mistake, digital marketing attribution can be a worthy endeavor for a CMO to pursue. For those new to the concept, however, it can also be intimidating to wade through vast amounts of detailed information, feeling as though you are playing catch-up with your peers.

Deloitte identifies four popular myths about digital marketing attribution and provides in-depth explanations for ways that CMOs and other marketers can overcome these myths to effectively implement attribution strategies.

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