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ATAMirror™: Cloud synchronization for migration cutovers

Cloud migration cutovers at your convenience

Reduce downtime and business disruption by keeping source and target servers in sync until its convenient for the business to perform the final migration cutover.

Simple. Scalable. Streamlined.

Cloud migration cutovers can cause extended downtime while waiting for the latest updates to be applied to the target system. Introducing ATAMirror, Deloitte’s cutover management solution to keep source and target servers in sync for a more convenient, simplified migration cutover. Using a scalable, agentless architecture, ATAMirror is fully integrated with ATAMotion™ for cloud migration of enterprise workloads.

Streamline migration cutover and help reduce downtime and business disruption with ATAMirror.

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Synchronization on any level

With ATAMirror you have the flexibility to schedule synchronization of source and target servers, synchronize at the block-level across raw storage devices, use image-based operating system synchronization, merge multiple file servers, and decommission old systems. ATAMirror can be used to synchronize servers like Oracle Database server, SAP server, SAP HANA server, web servers, and more.

With ATAMirror you can choose the synchronization that best meets your needs. ATAMirror’s sync options include:

  • Remote vs. local synchronization
  • System synchronization
  • Directory synchronization
  • Device synchronization

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Start your journey to cloud with Deloitte's Cloud Migration Services.

How it works

Managed through a web-based portal, either on-premises behind your firewall, or via SaaS, ATAMirror gives you convenient access and management of your migration cutover process. ATAMirror’s intuitive, easy-to-use GUI enables you to configure sync jobs, verify target servers, select databases, and manage the sync frequency of a workload migration—all in a single console interface.

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Accelerate your workload mobility

Deloitte and ATAMirror give you an automated, streamlined solution for cutover management helping you accelerate workload mobility and IT transformation. Get in touch with one of our practice leaders to learn more.

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Bob Hersch

Global Microsoft Technology Services Practice Leader

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Ian Easton

Ian Easton

Managing Director | Cloud Strategy

As the commercial lead for Deloitte ATADATA, Ian is focused on expanding Deloitte’s end-to-end cloud offerings by integrating the segment-leading ATAsphere cloud management and automation platform int... More