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ATASphere™: Workload Mobility Solution

Map, migrate, and manage enterprise workloads with ease

Use an industry leading managed workload mobility solution to unlock greater agility and more rapid IT transformation.

Managed workload mobility reimagined

The complexity of migrating enterprise workloads can cause significant disruptions to business operations and increased costs. Deloitte's ATASphere™ suite of cloud management and automation solutions can help. Designed to handle the rapidly increasing volume, complexity of data, and applications necessary to the future of business, ATASphere can provide automated discovery, application mapping, mirroring, migration, and management of enterprise workloads across an any-to-any combination of cloud environments.

Reimagine managed workload mobility with ATASphere—the simple, scalable, cost-effective solution designed to help you achieve the transformative value of the cloud.

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Feature rich managed workload mobility

With a borderless console, completely agentless architecture, and end-to-end automation, ATASphere can integrate everything needed for end-to-end automation and orchestration under a single pane of glass.

ATASphere contains five powerful software tools for workload management:

  • ATAVision™—affinity mapping, cloud cost comparison, move group, and migration planning
  • ATAMotion™—"any to any" rapid and secure automated migration for enterprise workloads
  • ATAMirror™—automated ongoing workload syncing at operating system (OS) and data drive layers, for later stage cutover
  • ATATransform™—automated Windows OS upgrades and transformation of Linux kernels
  • ATAGuard™—streamlined recovery for any combination of physical, virtual, or private/public clouds

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Achieve unmatched speed and flexibility. ATASphere works across hybrid IT environments to provide deep integration with the following platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Alibaba
  • CenturyLink®
  • Expedient
  • Mirantis
  • Openstack
  • Oracle® Cloud
  • Softlayer
  • VMWare®

How it works

ATASphere features a single, intuitive GUI to help you view your data center at a glance across your cloud, hybrid, or virtual platforms. With ATASphere, you can automate manual processes and condense project timelines. Auto-discovery produces native wave planning and a range of other deliverables. Agentless operation helps eliminate manual effort to install agents on source/target servers, and ATASphere’s proprietary multi-threaded transfer engine facilitates mass migration to speed up project timelines.

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Make the cloud your competitive advantage

Simple, scalable, and cost-effective, ATASphere is designed to close the crucial gaps in transformation automation.

ATASphere helps you minimize technical risk and human error, reduce downtime and accelerate project completion while avoiding unforeseen costs and overruns.

With ATASphere, you can make the cloud a competitive advantage through managed workload mobility that helps you gain the speed, agility, and cost-savings to drive top-line revenue growth.

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​Deloitte and ATASphere’s cloud management and automation solutions can help power your digital transformation from discovery and migration, to visibility and optimization. Get in touch with one of our practice leaders to learn more.

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Ian Easton

Managing Director | Cloud Strategy

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