ATAVision™: Enterprise discovery, regardless of platform

Automated discovery for your entire enterprise IT infrastructure

​For many companies, traditional workload discovery is a prolonged, manual process subject to human error. There’s a better way. ATAVision™ modernizes the discovery process via an agentless architecture that automates data collection and generates on-demand reports to help you gain deeper insights into your enterprise IT infrastructure, over any platform.

Streamline the discovery process

Conventional methods of workload discovery involve manual processes that are often made more difficult by staff turnover and gaps in knowledge, which can lead to an increased risk of errors and incomplete discovery. Migration wave planning suffers, and broken applications and migration failures are common.

The ATAVision automated discovery solution was designed for the enterprise to avoid these costly problems and ensure your migration projects are delivered cost-effectively, and on time.

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Accelerate your transformation timeline

With ATAVision the workload discovery and application mapping processes are automated, helping you reduce human error and shorten project timelines. Over any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud platforms, ATAVision can deliver a comprehensive blueprint of your current-state enterprise IT infrastructure that includes application mapping and affinity details for migration wave planning.

ATAVision offers:

  • Secure, agentless architecture
  • Automated current-state IT blueprinting
  • Application affinity mapping
  • Collection of performance data
  • Migration wave grouping
  • Cloud cost comparison

ATAVision can be used with Deloitte’s ATAMotion™ workload migration solution to craft a comprehensive migration solution to any target environment.

With ATAVision you can:

  • Discover servers in and out of scope, so no server is left behind
  • Ensure applications aren’t broken as you move them to the cloud
  • Right size cloud instances to reduce cost or optimize performance
  • Compare cloud costs across vendors to maximize your spend
  • Continually update application inventory and affinity, when used with ATAMotion during the migration process

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How it works

Deployed through a web-based portal and accessed through an intuitive GUI—either on premise behind the firewall, or via SaaS—ATAVision’s agentless solution can deliver initial subnet scanning functionality to discover live IP devices on supplied subnet ranges. An optional credentialed profile allows for encrypted credentials to be deployed for further data collection.

Collected data is stored in a database to facilitate on-demand reporting. Powerful, built-in reporting capabilities provide a library of standard reports in multiple output formats.

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Reduce risk and lower costs

With ATAVision you can reduce risk and lower your workload migration costs. ATAVision’s built-in intelligence helps you build a more robust migration plan to shorten project timelines, capture more accurate data, and lessen the possibility of servers being left behind or broken applications. Automated processes can lower man hour requirements, which helps you deliver projects at a lower cost and reduce the risk of expensive overruns.

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Deloitte and the ATAVision automated discovery solution can help you accelerate the implementation of a scalable cloud migration project and give you actionable insights into your IT environment. Get in touch with one of our practice leaders to learn more.

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