Inveritas™: Powerful inventory analytics

Unlocking shareholder value

Deloitte’s inventory analytics solution, Inveritas, is designed to incorporate the methods and decades-long experience of Deloitte’s leading supply chain and manufacturing operations practice to help you right-size inventory to exactly what you need and where you need it, capture lost sales by resolving service and availability problems, and fuel growth by taking cash out of inventory to invest in the business.

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Inveritas inventory analytics

Inveritas inventory analytics is designed to give rapid insight into exactly what inventory you need, why you need it, and how to make improvements.

How does Inveritas work?

Inveritas is delivered as a cloud based solution that integrates into an organization's everyday workflow to help make smarter decisions about inventory and how to better manage it. Unlike typical supply chain management tools, Inveritas supports smarter decision-making by identifying the root causes of bottlenecks and inefficiencies in real time. It combines operational data, proprietary analytics models, and advanced visualizations to pinpoint target inventory levels and improvement opportunities, it then helps to analyze the underlying capabilities that drive inventory, such as forecast accuracy and lead times, to further improve inventory levels while enhancing customer service.

Inveritas features:

  • Monitor: Track performance against company goals and receive alerts when your KPIs are off-target
  • Analyze: Pinpoint opportunities to optimize inventory through insight into why current levels exist
  • Act: Rapidly create and quantify plans, change behaviors, and mobilize opportunities for enhanced performance
  • Tell: Real-time, on-demand insights and collaborate across your organization on one integrated platform

Inveritas unlocked the value on these consulting engagements

Food & Beverage

Global Life Sciences


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A food and beverage company identified nearly $125M in excess inventory, finding $5M in quick-win reduction opportunities using Inveritas.

A $10B+ life sciences company identified $100M in excess inventory using Inveritas to conduct a detailed inventory diagnostic.

A manufacturing company identified overall safety stock reduction of $6M globally over a three year period of time using Inveritas.

"Inveritas isn’t just an analytics and visualization tool; its power is in embedding the collective brain power and wisdom from decades of Deloitte's experience in solving the hardest and most complex inventory problems.”

— Nayan Shah

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