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It all starts with understanding the forces at play.

Modernizing Finance requires applying broad and deep insight into the many forces shaping business transformation. It demands a set of multidisciplinary skills that spans industry sectors and all of the business domains and marketplace issues that finance interacts with.

Deloitte can help you:

  • Identify the many forces shaping business transformation—and how Finance can help you take advantage of those forces through modernization.
  • Pinpoint areas where you can save and determine how to mitigate potential exposure in the future, including the tax planning impacts and risks associated with Finance Transformation.
  • Address regulatory, compliance and internal control imperatives, including forensics, fraud prevention and risk management.

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Technology not only supports modernization—it empowers it.

Technology allows you to harness the power of data and opens up innovative paths to a more agile finance organization and greater flexibility, resiliency and security throughout your organization. It also facilitates new and dynamic ways for your people to work with machines more effectively—for greater productivity and more informed decision-making.

Deloitte can advise you on how to:

  • Build a digital architecture that can evolve over time, leveraging our multidisciplinary capabilities across core and disruptive technology (AI, machine learning, automation).
  • Implement integrated modernization programs, drawing on our ERP ecosystems and alliances—and our domain knowledge and resources in finance operations, accounting, tax, treasury and controls.
  • Leverage our deep technology transformation capabilities, as well as our business analytics, controllership, treasury and tax technology experience.
  • Establish industry-leading cyber risk protocols across data, infrastructure, platforms and applications.

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Your Finance Transformation can also be a workforce transformation.

Even the greatest business model design and the most innovative and powerful technologies can’t deliver the value promised if your finance team and the entire organization won’t adapt to and adopt new ways of working.

Deloitte’s leading human capital and transformation management capabilities can help translate what’s possible into real work, workforce and workplace enhancements.

Deloitte can help you:

  • Re-imagine your workplaces to foster greater communication and collaboration across a distributed workforce.
  • Use data more effectively as a way to build more diverse, inclusive workforces and nurture talent.
  • Engineer a more adaptable organization to facilitate agile teams across Finance and the rapid engagement of skills from employees and contractors.
  • Adopt a data-driven approach to managing change and transforming leadership and rewards to reinforce the behaviors that drive organizational performance.

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Finance Transformation is complex. Deloitte’s integrated offerings have you covered.

Finance strategy and operating model

When the stakes are high, incremental change may not be enough. It may be time for a change in direction that advances the finance organization to become an agile value driver for the broader business. Whether you’re navigating regulatory changes, managing a crisis, or going public, we can help you define and implement finance strategies and agile operating models built with outcomes in mind.

Tech-enabled finance transformation

To advance finance as a capability, it’s critical to develop an efficient tech strategy, connecting disruptive technologies that modernize the financial core. Deloitte can help you modernize your ERP and last-mile systems to unlock value, reduce operating costs, clean up master data, and harmonize the way finance supports the business—now and in the future.

Finance talent

A rapidly evolving business environment means significant changes in the way work is done, who does it, and what tools and processes are necessary for success. Deloitte can help you look beyond the enabling technology implementations and address critical human capital considerations to build capabilities and deliver business value.

Consolidations, planning, and reporting

Reporting insight and foresight is key to developing a dynamic finance capability that supports business decisions. Enabling more accurate planning and forecasting to support the business’s most impactful decisions means using predictive technology to anticipate what’s next. Deloitte can help you leverage next-gen technologies to efficiently consolidate financials and contribute to enhanced financial insight, helping your business respond, recover, and thrive in times of disruption.

Governance, risk, and accounting

Fast-changing global markets demand that organizations have financial stability, agility, and liquidity. The desired outcomes depend on continuous rigor in governance and processes that drive new capabilities across finance. In your effort to gain competitive advantage and become more trustworthy, resilient, and secure, we can help you effectively navigate potential finance and operational risks, as well as assist with accounting readiness.

Cost, cash, and capital

Efficient working capital and cash management along with improved capital allocation is integral to financial and operational health. No matter how well-run your organization is, there are likely balance sheet and operational improvement opportunities. Whether you need to invest in new markets, prepare for M&A prospects, or build resilience in uncertain times, we’re here to advise on ways your organization can enhance its processes, policies, procedures, and technology to enable you to effectively manage cost, cash, and capital.

M&A finance

M&A can serve as a catalyst for organizations, and finance in particular, to embark on a digital transformation journey. We have deep experience in both M&A and finance transformation—and can work with your organization through the various aspects of a transaction to help you choose the desired path for finance to keep potential risks and costs in check to achieve a successful Day One while setting a foundation for agility and strengthened capability.

Sustainability for Finance

Organizations are embarking on transformative journeys to achieve sustainable and equitable business value that allows people and the planet to prosper together now and in the future. Deloitte can advise you as you define and develop strategies, technologies and operating models to enhance Finance’s role in driving both functional and enterprise sustainability initiatives.

Finance operate

Digital disruption is redefining how organizations do business. Organizations that need to scale operations, accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies, and expand specialization to better focus on their core competencies are turning to more agile ways of operating their finance function. With a true legacy in finance coupled with deep industry knowledge, we can explore new models to help you reach your desired business outcomes.

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Comprehensive transformation services

Finance Transformation often requires a broad range of services across business, technology, and human capital. Deloitte offers them all in context with your transformation goals. To learn more about Deloitte offerings, select a category below.


Finance is specific to your sector and every business area. Our perspective across all of them can help your transformation become a catalyst for positive change, enterprisewide.

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Risk & Financial Advisory

It’s imperative to create excellence and mitigate risk across the spectrum of what Finance touches—which is every part of the business. Deloitte’s advisory teams with deep experience in controllership, treasury, risk and more can help you make it happen.

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Deloitte is a leader in tax advisory services with a network experienced in a range of specialties and global jurisdictions—the multiple perspectives required to help you align your tax structures with your new finance model.

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Audit & Assurance

As a leader in audit and assurance services, Deloitte can help you understand and navigate regulatory requirements as you adopt new, agile models and transform in finance.

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