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Collaboration is the cure

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The J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference is one of the biggest health care symposiums in the country. So Deloitte plans to go big during it. Our concurrent networking events and hot topics meetings provide opportunities for participants to collaborate on building the future of the life sciences and health care industry. Join us January 8–11, 2024, in San Francisco.

Great visions are owned. The best solutions are shared.

Building a healthier society takes a health care system that works together. It involves the power of many minds collaborating to create the future—and bold leaders willing to build it together.

We’re bringing many of those minds together during a series of events we’re hosting concurrent with the 2024 J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference. Come for insights and trends in M&A life sciences and health care, and leave with valuable connections and new possibilities.

Network with luminaries. Learn from our insights. Build your vision. Our M&A life sciences and health care (LSHC) leadership will be there to help you as you work to create the future of health care.

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Hot topics in life sciences and health care

Monday, January 8, to Wednesday, January 10

These Deloitte-hosted private meetings will shed light on the latest issues—and opportunities—across the LSHC industry and M&A. Contact us to explore more:

At-risk physician practices and value-based care

Health care patterns are unpredictable and difficult to navigate—especially if you’re going at it alone. By reexamining your value-based care model together, we can help you find a way forward.

Deloitte Cell and Gene Therapy Market Index™: Demystifying the shareholder value creation drivers 

Cell and gene therapies are leading to huge buzz and breakthroughs, and it’s not easy to navigate the noise. We’ll discuss the cell and gene therapy sector market performance trends and provide key insights leading to value creation events.

Divestitures (carve-outs and spinoffs)

Carving out businesses has a tendency to reveal new opportunities. We’ll help you understand different transaction types, what complexities they bring, and what benefits they can deliver.

Ecosystems and platforms

The LSHC industry is going through a transformation. Does your company need to transform, too? We’ll discuss why many organizations are moving toward a value creation model that’s less about ownership and more about partnership.


Femtech is an evolving area with growing opportunities. Join us to learn more about the possibilities of women’s health care.

Harnessing GenAI

Your next teammate could end up being an algorithm. Learn more about how to use Generative AI and human ingenuity to realize efficiencies and unlock new capabilities. 

Health tech

One of our greatest tools to build a healthier health care system is investment in tech. Our LSHC leaders will discuss why. 

Innovation and the future of behavioral health

Concerns around mental and behavioral health have grown. Fortunately, so has the appetite for collective solutions. We’ll explore how today’s trends could impact tomorrow’s behavioral health landscape.

Strategic cost reduction

Cost reductions can lead to opportunities. Find out how we can help you drive value and efficiencies. 


Collaboration is the cure for barriers

Networking event

Monday, January 8

Want new relationships that could help sharpen your vision and strengthen your company? Kick off the week by making key connections with industry colleagues and luminaries at a networking event co-hosted with Trinity Capital.

Collaboration is the cure for stagnation

Global innovation event

Tuesday, January 9

Innovation meets investment at Tuesday’s event with Deloitte and NVIDIA. Learn more about the companies and startups showcasing their future-forward solutions and the investors fueling new opportunities.



Collaboration is the cure for inequity

Women’s networking event hosted with Women in Bio

Wednesday, January 10

Working together makes it easier to be bold. And harder to lose. Join Deloitte and Women In Bio for a networking opportunity that brings together industry leaders and bold thinkers.


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